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A Taurus and Gemini compatibility match can be akward and straining for both signs. Read on for a better understanding of why this Earth sign and Air sign are likely to have trouble seeing eye to eye.

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Taurus and Gemini compatibility is a somewhat awkward union as they share very few overlapping traits in their personalities. Taurus is essentially a grounded, stable, practical, sensible no-nonsense sign whereas Gemini is a sociable, flighty, restless sign that thrives on communication in the social realm.

Rather than happily embracing change and variety like Gemini, Taurus doggedly digs into its heels and refuses to budge when pressurized.

Gemini will certainly appear to be too fickle-minded and inconsistent to Taurus, who values stability and consistency in a mate. Compatibility for Gemini and Taurus is difficult as a result of inconsistent ways of handling challenges.

Gemini in turn will feel frustrated at their partners lack of spontaneity. Seeking constant change, thrills, and excitement, most Geminis will feel constrained with a "resistant to change" Taurus partner.

Taurus is likely to feel possessive and threatened from Gemini's need for space, autonomy and freedom to roam and mix with whomever he/she chooses. Being so dutiful and responsible, Taurus is naturally attuned to creating a stable lifestyle based on practicality, whereas Gemini needs to constantly evoke change in the environment in order to avoid stagnation and feel truly alive.

This zodiac love match has very little chance of succeeding.


The biggest difference between these two signs is their way of viewing and relating to the world.

Being an Air sign of the highest order, Gemini essentially processes feelings through the logical and rational realm, whereas Taurus prizes deep feelings and delivers passion through actions. Unless these two have more compatible influences from each other's chart, this could very well spell disaster for the both of them.

To make this astrology compatibility match work both Taurus and Gemini must be committed to finding some common ground. If both partners take the time to learn each other's differences, the match could work, but at least according to astrology, it won't be ideal.


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