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A Taurus and Capricorn compatibility match is often an excellent zodiac love match. Read further for a deeper understanding of how these pragmatic Earth signs have the potential to go far in matters of love and relationships.

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Both being earthy sensual signs from the same elemental family, Taurus and Capricorn compatibility makes for a particularly effective pairing.

When these two meet they will often feel an instant attraction to one another. They will both be intrigued by the solidity and determination that they feel emananting from one another. No flights of fancy here, these two are looking for trust, stability and security when it comes to love.


Both are very driven signs, seeking success, solid careers and financial security. They will appreciate these qualities in one another and be motivated to seek even higher success together.

A Capricorn and Taurus relationship will thrive on building a structured lifestyle and secure home life centered around luxury and comfort.

Being hardworking, pragmatic individuals, they have an innate mutual understanding of each other's goals, and will not hesitate to support each other in achieving those goals.

They each prefer tradition, routine and stability rather than free-spirited roaming, and will easily settle down into a comfortable pattern together.

Both are naturally monogamous signs who are willing and patient enough to take the time needed to build a solid foundation for their Capricorn and Taurus relationship. Once a strong bond is forged, both are likely to stay committed to each other in a long-lasting union. Capricorn and Taurus compatibility has a solid base in mutual understanding and security.

These two security-minded individuals will be able to provide the enduring devotion, love and affection that each other craves for.


Every astrology compatibility match has their downfalls, and this pairing can have a tendency towards poor communication.

Taurus is often classified as "the strong and silent type", preferring to keep their emotions under wraps. Instead they are comfortable expressing themselves by actions. To a typical Taurean if they provide their family with the good things in life they feel that they have done their job, and expect those around them to know how much they care because they are good providers.

Capricorns are known for being reserved, in some cases appearing stand-offish, and this relates to their communication style as well. A Capricorn can find emotional displays to be excessive and will often refrain from sharing their feelings.

This communication style works well for this zodiac love match, as neither will be emotional to the extent that it embarrasses the other, but it does mean that communication can be stilted at times.

Together they will need to learn how to communicate together, otherwise resentments could start to build in this partnership.


Is Taurus compatible with Capricorn? Absolutely.

The communication issue is a minor issue for these two. Despite it, their astrological compatibility is one of the best matches possible for these two zodiac signs.

Together they can share a life that is traditional, realistic, grounded and focused. There might not be a lot of spontaneity between these two, but neither of them will miss it!


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