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A Taurus and Cancer compatibility match is usually a great success. Read further to get a deeper understanding of how this Earth sign and Water sign pair up.

Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

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Astrological compatibility between Cancer and Taurus is extremely positive and true love could easily blossom. The stars are aligned for this earth sign and water sign.

There can be an instant attraction between the Crab and the Bull when they first meet. Crab will inevitably feel the Bull's strength and security, while the Bull will feel Crabs nurturing demeanor and solid family potential.

When these two get together, it is a comfortable match based on complementary traits in their characteristics. Because Taurus and Cancer compatibility has both signs sharing similar goals and visions based on stability, security and nurturing, both give each other the respect and appreciation that is desired.

Water and Earth is generally a compatible match based on mutual empathy, respect and understanding and with these two it definitely is.

When initially dating, Cancer may take some time to open up at first, as they have issues trusting others quickly. But Taurus has such a traditional outlook on life, they are likely to wait around long enough for their Cancer love to make up their mind. Once they've gotten together, it's highly unlikely they'll split up again, unless there are adverse signs in their astrological charts.


Cancer is a sensitive, emotional water sign that is prone to dramatic mood swings, depression and as a result can find much needed support and comfort in their solid, grounded Taurus mate.

Even though Taurus may get possessive and jealous at times, Cancer understands this as they possess these traits as well.

Domestic life is important to them and the Home is viewed as top priority in their lives. Because there is a deep level of commitment in this union, they will rarely abandon or sabotage their relationship once the bond's been formed and both have the staying power to make it last a lifetime.

Cancer and Taurus both have a mutual rapport on an intimate level and are one of the best matches for each other according to astrology compatibility. Both are traditional and family-oriented signs that focus on family values. Once together, they are likely to stay together, have lots of children and live comfortable (if quiet) lives.


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