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A Taurus and Aquarius compatibility match can be a tricky pairing when it comes to love. Find out why this Earth sign and Water sign are likely to have a frustrating relationship.

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These two fixed stubborn signs are likely to clash and butt heads on many issues in life. Although both are generous individuals who are willing to offer a helping hand to the other, there are huge differences in their approaches to life.

Taurus is traditional, dislikes change and prefers an even routine and methodical approach to reaching goals. Aquarius on the other hand is a free-wheeling communicative sign which thrives in the social realm and doesn't always pay attention to the practical matters in life. This difference in perspectives makes compatibility for Taurus and Aquarius challenging.

The Water Bearer values personal freedom above everything else and the desire to associate with whomever he/she desires will not sit well with the Bull, who may find it an uphill battle to tame their free-spirited mate. Aquarius is naturally attracted to people from all walks of life and often value friendship and new experiences even more than love, intimacy and stability.

In addition, having Saturn as a co-ruling planet, Aquarius can appear to be a bag of contradictions, the unconventional part of the psyche may want to lead a bohemian lifestyle whereas the traditional part might show a conservative streak at times.


This will confuse the "matter of fact" Taurus, who can have a hard time trying to figure out what their Aquarian wants and needs. Aquarius and Taurus compatibility makes it likely that there will be a lot of uncomfortable guesswork involved in the relationship.

Another disparity between the two are the Aquarius need for freedom and space in a relationship. Taurus on the other hand prefers a close connection to their lover.

There can be an impersonal and aloof streak displayed by the Water Bearer which will probably threaten Taurus' need for stability and security, especially in emotional matters.

Unless these two have more compatible harmonious influences from each other's chart, both will need tons of mutual respect, patience and understanding for things to work out.


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