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Successfully Giving Seminars/Classes

by Susan Yasoda Deschenes
(Arcata, California)

Always show up for your own seminar whether anyone registers or not! This may be a new concept for you but it absolutely works! If you are unwilling to show up for your own seminar why would anyone else show up, much less pay you?

When you give your seminar you must have the willingness to give it to one person as much as to 100. It is about the Energy of Commitment. How many times have you registered for a class or seminar or workshop only to be told, "Not enough people signed up." This approach does not honor the person(s) who did sign up. AND, many times people show up at the venue at the appointed time only to be told, "The class was canceled - not enough people registered.

So keep your commitment to give the seminar whether or not anyone has registered. At least INVITE one or two people as your guest - then you are sure to have someone there!

The formula is this: If no one pre-registers, prepare yourself and your space as though it will be filled. Write down all of the feelings you have about advertising for a seminar or class and no one is present. ALL of your feelings. Then use the "emotional response technique" to create affirmations. Be sure to use this particular technique. After that, use your product/service on yourself. By then your value and worth as a human being has been restored and do a business brain storm with yourself: write 10 ways that you can immediately get new clients then choose the one that is the most fun way and take action on that. Then choose the second idea and take action on that. And so on.

Canceling an event fosters low self esteem and feelings of failure. Always keep your commitments as this DOES get communicated!

I am a successful seminar leader and trainer and have given many seminars to myself over the last 30 years - and I was glad I did!

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