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Our quick stress reduction meditation technique will have you relaxed and calm in just a few short minutes. Use it whenever you are in a stressful situation or on a daily basis to head of stress before it hits.

Ten Deep Breaths: Everyone's heard the concept of "counting to ten" when you get angry. Well, it really does work to alleviate stress and help us get back into the present moment. Next time you find yourself feeling flustered, upset, or angry and you're too busy to get away for long, consider a quick ten deep breaths. Here's the quicky technique:

meditation for relieving stress


If possible, remove yourself from the stressful situation for two or three minutes. If not possible, the technique can still be done.

If alone say: "I am calm, balanced, and centered." If in public, think the words silently.

Then take ten slow, deep breaths. Allow the air to fill your lungs. Take a moment to note the sensation. allow the breaths to bring you back to the present moment.

Repeat the positive affirmation one more time: "I am calm, balanced, and centered."

You can do this technique any time and any place. It's amazing how such a simple stress relief meditation technique can produce such amazing results!

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