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Spirit Animal Dream Frog Totem

by Anonymous

Hi -I dreamt that my boyfriend of 6 years gave me a box of 159 frogs (cost was $157.75) for our anniversary. (I wasn't scared but would be in waking life) I read about frog, and we are moving to a new home this month. I think frog may be my new totem because there were so many. They all sat against the wall floorboard still and then when I spoke they cocked their heads and jumped around again simultaneously. Any thoughts? Usually animals talk to me (crocodile and bearded dragon have) but not frogs. thanks

Answer: It sounds like you have affinity for reptiles and amphibians! I can relate as one of my first experiences with animal totems was with a lizard. It was intense! It felt as though the lizard and I opened a direct mental link, and I experienced what reality is like from the "lizard mind". It was alien to say the least and words can't even describe it.

So, back to you... Frogs have many meanings, and for your situation it seems very clear. One of the classic Frog animal totem energies is about "leaping forward" and embracing change.

Frogs are extremely adaptable and ready to embrace new experiences in life. The key points from your dream are "moving to a new home" and "boyfriend of 6 years in relation to an anniversary".

Moving to a new home is a big change, and frog is coming to you to help with the adjustment. The other factor that lies under the surface is "moving to a new home with a boyfriend of 6 years. He was also the one who gave you the frogs.

It sounds like your relationship may be shifting to a new level. (I'm not necessarily implying marriage). The shift to a new home may also bring out a deeper focus on your union, one way or another I would say change is coming to both your relationship with him, your relationship with "home", and your life.

The numerology aspects are there too with references to such specific numbers in your dream. It is rare to have numbers pop up in the dream state, so it would be good to look at 159, 157, 75 , 15775, and 6. (6 wasn't from the dream, but it has arisen so it should be looked at as well.

I'm not an expert at numerology, but I'd suggest doing a basic breakdown of the numbers to their root number (classic numerology) and seeing what the significance of the roots are.

Also, check out this page mayan astrology signs. It has references to frog as an animal totem under the mayan astrology sign of "Sac". (the third listing down).

Frog spirit animals are also known as wealth bringers, so this could be another aspect that is at play.

I love dreamwork, and this sounds like a lovely one. Embrace change! It's coming!

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