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The singing crystal bowls mp3, Sacred Sounds, by Patrick Ray is a 54 minute energy healing music track designed to promote healing and balance to your mind, body, and spirit. Massage, reiki, and energy healing practioners play this music during healing sessions with their clients. Meditators use it during their meditation sessions. Others use it for personal healing, for relaxation, and whenever they need an in-depth chakra balancing. Click our video below to hear a four minute sample of the mp3, or scroll down further for a list of healing benefits and the story of how Sacred Sounds came into existence.

Sacred Sounds Mp3 $9.99
chakra balancing mp3


Sacred Sounds Mp3 $9.99
chakra balancing mp3



Singing Crystal Bowls music is a passion of mine. I used to host a Crystal Bowl meditation night at a shop in Palm Harbor, Florida. The name of the shop was The Earth Spirit Center and the woman who owned it was Nana Hendricks. We had connected very well and, within a couple weeks, I was volunteering time there and hosting the meditation.

I would set up my 7-piece set (1 bowl for each chakra) of singing crystal bowls in a semi-circle around myself and just start playing. I had no background in music and had no frame of reference for how it was "supposed" to be done; I just set up and did what came naturally to me. Eventually, I learned to let myself disappear and just let Spirit move through me as I played.

At the beginning, it was all experimental. I would play and the people in the class would either sit in chairs or lie down on the floor on mats and bliss out while I played. It was a really nice gig. I enjoyed it tremendously.

After playing for a few months, people started asking me if I had a CD. Lots of people. Spirit was definitely telling me something because for years, after every concert, meditation, or festival I played, people would walk up and say that they would like a recording of exactly what I had just done. I liked the idea of it but had allowed myself to be intimidated. Silly, isn't it? The things we talk ourselves into and out of based on self-judgment. Part of the learning process, I reckon.

The seed had been planted. The idea was there and would remain there for, to be honest, way too long. After playing singing crystal bowls concerts and festivals for over 4 years, I finally decided to make a CD.

I was still allowing myself to be intimidated by the recording studio approach. Instead, I got a lot of nice but not professional recording equipment. The problem with this approach was that I had no desire to be good at recording music. I just wanted to play. I found myself putting a huge amount of effort into getting a good recording and was daunted at every turn.

Like many things, in retrospect, it is really quite humorous. I had recordings with my dog barking in the middle of it. I had recordings with doggie toenails skittering across wooden floors. Phones rang, neighbors played music, ninja's attacked, aliens invaded (not really, but it sure sounded dramatic& more dramatic than doggie toenails, anyway).

Okay, Spirit, I get it. This method is not going to happen. Eventually, I got through all the weirdness that was keeping me from going to a recording studio. I ended up at a great recording studio in Arkansas, where Tanja and I currently live. The name of the studio is Crisp Recording and the guy who runs it is a fantastic person. He's friendly, talented, and has the best sound room and recording instruments available.

I went into the studio and set up the singing crystal bowls. He got all the equipment ready and we made it happen. I focused on the energies of Love, Gratitude, and Patience. All three seemed appropriate and felt right. There were no dogs barking, no neighbors to be concerned about and, luckily, no ninjas. The recording went through beautifully and a few weeks later, I had a professional quality CD designed to balance and harmonize all 7 primary chakra centers and stimulate healing in the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. It sounds exactly like being present while someone plays singing crystal bowls.

Tanja did the work on the CD cover and the disc itself. She is a fantastic graphic designer and did a beautiful job on the design. Another factor worth mentioning is the wonderful person who took the picture for the front cover, David Monroe. His website is . His images are amazing.

If you liked what you heard, the Sacred Sounds CD is available for purchase. It is 54 minutes and 9 seconds long. The "nines" were purely through circumstance but I like it. In numerology, the number nine is associated with generosity, compassion and spiritual fulfillment. Good stuff.

We have set it up so that it can be purchased through PayPal. I have received great feedback from the folks who have purchased the CD. Most people report deep feelings of relaxation, stress reduction, and inner peace. People have told me that it has helped them sleep and others have told me that it keeps their pets calm while they are out of the house. Many practitioners use it as background music while doing massage, Reiki, or other forms of energy healing.

Dream Well and Blessed Be, Patrick
Sacred Sounds Mp3 $9.99
chakra balancing mp3

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