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Self healing energy is a simple energy healing technique for balancing your vibrational state. Our world is moving so fast, with so many demands on our time that it is easy to get thrown out of balance.

This technique will help you rebalance yourself on a mind, body, spirit level. It can be done wherever you are, at work, in a check out line, driving your car. Best of all, no one will even notice that you're doing it. It's designed to give you a quick re-centering and grounding to keep yourself balanced all day long. So do it whenever you feel your stress levels overwhelming you or your energy dropping.

Visit the other self healing energy techniques pages that can be found at the main Energy Healing Section for when you have more time and want to do intensive self-healing. This is more of an emergency technique for when you feel overwhelmed from too much stress, work, negativity, etc. Let's get started....

1) Hit your Reset Button: Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, just stop and take ten deep breaths. The key here is to make them as slow and deep as you can.

2) Ground to the Earth: Now take a moment and feel your feet firmly planted on the floor beneath you. Feel the connection to the earth as reddish brown roots leaving your feet and traveling down into the center of the planet.

3) Align to the Divine: Now that you're grounded, pay attention to your crown chakra, the seventh chakra that is on the top of your head. Feel a cord of white light coming down from above and entering into your crown. Feel the white light pouring through your body from the top of your head, down your spine, and through your legs until it reaches your feet.

4) Connect Your Energies: Feel the reddish brown roots at your feet connecting to the white light pouring through your body. Let the energies mingle together. These combined energies provide everything you need to relieve a stressful situation, increase energy levels, bring peace to your spirit, and boost your immune system.

5) Begin Sending Self Healing Energy: Now place the palms of your hands flat on your body. If you are in public this can be as subtle as placing your hands on your legs, or even clasping your two hands together. Anywhere, just make sure that both of your palms are touching a part of your body. Your hands will act as conduits sending the white light of the divine and the grounding roots of the earth into your body and sealing the self healing energy into you.

6) Feel the Change: Do this for as long as it takes or for as long as you have. After a few minutes you will feel calmer, more relaxed, and more comfortable. Doing the self healing energy exercise will promote health by reducing the burden of stress on your immune system and by raising your immune system's strength.

This basic exercise can be done for a minute, ten minutes, twenty minutes, it all depends on how long you have. Don't worry if you get interrupted. For example, say you're a cashier and customers are coming along to your check out line and you're on step two. While you're checking them out, just keep visualizing those roots extending into the earth. If you get distracted, pick back up where you left off as soon as you have a chance. Same thing goes if you're in a business meeting, or at a laundromat, or out for lunch with a friend.

When you're body speaks to you, telling you it needs a boost, allow yourself to give it. If you can, slip off to the bathroom and do a two minute quickie version of the exercise, or simply do it where you are. You can do this exercise on an as needed basis, or make it a frequent part of your life by doing it once a day, twice a day, however often you feel the desire. Once you start practicing the basic self healing energy exercise, you'll feel so good you'll want to do it every day!


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