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A Scorpio Woman in Love can be intense, passionate and mysterious. Do you know how to keep the Scorpion from stinging you while keeping this strong sign in your life? Read on to discover the secrets of what makes a Scorpio woman stick around....

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scorpio woman in love

The Scorpio woman in love is a highly passionate, intense, seductive and sexually magnetic woman beneath the quiet and serene facade. She instinctively and intuitively understands the hidden depths of emotions in people and can manipulate this aspect of human nature like no other sign can. Scorpio rules the dark psyche of the soul and issues surrounding power, domination and control can become an obsession to her. She gives off the aura of being mysterious and untouchable but underneath the deceptive facade, she has serious issues about trusting others and can become mired in a sea of uncontrollable mood swings. She has to put complete trust in a partner first before she opens up emotionally. She is capable of being a loving and caring partner but when she feels betrayed, she can transform into a woman on a revenge mission.


Often referred to as the most passionate sign in the zodiac, she is also the woman most susceptible to dangerous liaisons and power trips in relationships. She is attracted to men of power like moths to a flame. She views power as extremely sexy and can get caught up in the throes of passion easily by throwing caution to the wind and stepping in where angels fear to tread. The truth is, there is always a slight streak of masochism in the Scorpio woman. There is always a hint of the love-hate aspect going on in her relationships. With a man she falls passionately in love with, there is also a part of her that wants to destroy him, even on a subconscious level.

The Scorpio woman in love has to wake up to her own lessons through experience. Relationships are barely sustainable on passion alone and she has to learn to see past the superficial power display and look to another's soul for a genuine heart connection instead. As the sign of regeneration, death and re-birth, her real power lies in connecting to her spiritual depths and making a complete transformation when it comes to selecting the right type of partner for herself.

Catching a Scorpio woman can be easy. Present your strongest, sensual energies with her and she'll take an immediate notice. Harder is to keep her interest. Come on strong in the beginning and then let her see the other sides of you. Let her know you're more than just a passionate man, you're one that can be trusted for the long run. Once you've won her trust, you'll have her for life.


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