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A Scorpio Man in Love is full of passion and raw sexuality. But cross him once and he's gone. Do you know how to read this water sign's true emotions? Read on to learn how to catch and keep a Scorpio man....

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scorpio man in love

The penetrating gaze of the Scorpio man shows passion and raw sexuality. That same gaze hides the complex emotions and seething intensity that lie beneath the surface of this complex water sign. Mysterious and often contradictory, it can be difficult for a lover to sift through the many layers of his personality. He is the most emotionally enigmatic man in the zodiac and can harbor strikingly different personality aspects within his being. The protective layers of barrier he puts up are impenetrable by everyone, except those whom he trusts enough to let into his world, or at least a glimpse of his world. Those barriers are in place because he suffers inwardly from deep-bone fears of rejection, abandonment and betrayal and has a huge problem trusting others. This accounts for the infamous Scorpion jealousy, possessiveness, suspicions and mind games. When the Scorpio man finds himself in passionate love with someone he trusts, he can be deeply emotional, sensitive and caring.


The Scorpio man can turn his feelings off and on like a water faucet, based on his level of emotional commitment. When he is in love his loyalty is deeper than any other sign. When it's a casual affair, that's literally all it is for him, a fun fling. He is most attracted to an intelligent woman radiating her own sense of power and sex appeal, whom he can hold conversations with for hours. The challenge for him is to ease his reins over control issues and use his power for his greater benefit. He is often subconsciously self-sabotaging his own relationships by pushing away others, whether he is fully aware of it or not. When he spirals down into self-defeating mechanisms, he can turn to multiple empty affairs or other forms of escapism.

Your Scorpio wants a woman who is strong, willful, honest and intelligent. Catch him by showing him these traits in yourself. Scorpios are the most sexually charged of all the signs, so a little extra sensuality can turn his gaze towards you as well. Trust is his biggest issue, and it will take time for him to let you in. Expect a long and exciting courtship before the relationship turns to a deeper level. Once you've caught your Scorpio, never give him a reason to distrust you. Scorpio's are notorious for no second chances. If you show him dishonesty, even in the smallest matters, he can turn away from you completely, and that can feel like the ice of Antarctica compared to the warmth of the sun.


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