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Want to find out about Scorpio compatibility with other astrology and horoscope signs? Let us guide you to the perfect astrology compatibility for Scorpios...

Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

Scorpio your Greatest Gift is: Intensity and Passion

Scorpio your Greatest Obstacle is: Selfishness and Jealousy

True love for Scorpio can be found with these Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Pisces, Virgo and Capricorn.


scorpio compatibility

A Scorpio lover's passion is not for the faint-hearted. As a Mars and Pluto-ruled native, yours is a powerful sign of release, integration and regeneration.

When committed in a relationship, you provide your lover with passion, emotional energy, and a loyal, committed partner. Your relationships are destined to be soulful and intimate affairs, the kind that stories are written about...

Like the symbol of the snake, you are really a sign of controlled response. There is an intensity of emotions roiling just underneath the surface, which can confuse your partner. You can have a tendency to appear perfectly content even though your emotions may be churning inside. When out of balance you may display traits of jealousy and competitiveness.

You also have a natural ability to accidently zero in on your partner's vulnerabilities. Like the Scorpions dangerous tail, you must learn to control this to keep from inadvertently wounding your lovers feelings.

As a Scorpio in love you have much to share with a partner. The intense emotional energy inherent in you means that your relationships will never lack passion. Your partner will always know that you love them deeply, deeply, deeply. This charismatic intensity is part of your inherent nature and will please your chosen mate for many years. You are a creature of extremes. You give the world to your lover when happy, but can take it all away with an emotionally wounding word when you are displeased.

As much as you are capable of extreme self-sacrifice for those you love, it would be wise to learn to control your tendency to go to extremes. Otherwise those strong emotions of yours can lead to heated battles during fights.


Looking to catch your own passionate water sign? Wondering when does a Scorpio say I love you? Compatibility for Scorpios as their partner means being able to soothe their mood swings, avoid getting into any competitive games, and riding the waves of their emotions.

They do want committment, and once they've made up their mind they have a tendency towards being very loyal. So enjoy the ride on the way to a long-term relationship! It's going to be very passionate and full of emotions...


Scorpio Woman in Love
Scorpio Man in Love


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