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Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

A Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility match can be passionate and full of fireworks. Find out how this watery astrology match fares in the long run.

scorpio compatibility astrology compatibility scorpio in love


According to astrology compatibility for Scorpios, these two matching zodiac signs are likely to feel an instant connection with each other.

Fireworks are likely to go off when they've attracted each other's eyes and chemistry is often at a peak level for these two water signs.

Expect a courtship between these two to be long, as Scorpios are slow to trust others. Once that trust has been earned though, they are loyal to a fault.


In astrology compatibility, when two Scorpios come together, there can be an abundance of passion in the relationship... and some volatility.

A Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility match will have no lack of sexual energy, mutual emotional depth and intensity. Both are able to read each other's mind like an open book and have a natural aversion to superficial social interactions.

They want depth... and earth-moving passion in their relationships, and both will be able to provide this for each other.


A double Scorpio relationship has another strength as well, and it has to do with a trait this often a weakness in other pairings for this water sign... their strong streak of jealousy.

Since both lovers have this streak they will be quite comfortable seeing it in their partner. Where others might find it domineering, these two will understand it. Since both are also known to be extremely loyal in relationships, there won't be a need for that jealousy to flare up, neither is likely to have a wandering eye once a committment has been made.

That jealousy often aries from inner insecurities about the faithfulness and depth of love that their partner feels for them. As a double Scorpion partnership they will be able to deal with those insecurities that each other faces and use this as another factor to seal their deep mutual bonding.


There are a few Scorpio relationship issues that can cause this match to falter.

Since they are the same silent, brooding types who can harbor a lot of resentment within, they don't give too much away and neither is likely to give in and communicate the inner frustration and dissatisfaction should problems arise in this relationship. Both must learn to share any resentments before they build up to large.

Another issue these two face is their need to be "top dog". A Scorpio in love is still a Scorpio, and there is a natural tendency to want to "lead" or "dominate" in a relationship. Since both share this trait there can be a lot of vying for control between the two.

As fixed stubborn signs, they have a single-minded approach to their determination and goals in life and this may result in power struggles in the union. For double Scorpio love relationships to flourish, they both must learn to share the decision making in the relationship. Their depth of emotional connection can help them through this rocky patch as they learn to share control...


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