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A Scorpio and Sagittarius couple rarely make it in the long run. Find out why this water sign and fire sign combo may have a hard time with long term relationships.

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With Sagittarius and Scorpio compatibility, this is a definite case of opposites being attracted as these two lovers couldn't be more different in basic temperament and personality.

These differences won't show up at first though, they'll be covered up by sparks of chemistry, and there could be a sizzling affair between these two lovers as they get to know one another.

Scorpio may initially be attracted to their Sagittarian's strong charisma and efferevescent personality, while the Archer may find the mysterious and sensual aura exuded by Scorpio rather intriguing.

However, compatibility for Sagittarius and Scorpio is likely to fizzle into embers eventually as sexual chemistry takes a backseat and their differences come to light.


Scorpio is slow to commit and loyal beyond belief once they finally do make the leap of faith. In a long-term relationship they value honesty and fidelity tremendously. Sagittarius is slow to commit, but for different reasons. They prefer to "keep their options open" until late into life, and often don't want to be slowed down by a dedicated relationship... their eyes also tend to wander.

To a Sag the grass often looks greener on the other side, and this casual approach to relationships is likely to ignite the well known Scorpio trait of jealousy and distrust.

What Scorpio craves in a long term relationship is a total merging of mind, body and soul with a partner as there is no half-way measure with this individual. They are likely to feel put off by a lack of committment on their Sagittarian lovers part.

In turn Sagittarius is likely to feel suffocated by Scorpios strong tendencies towards jealousy and will most likely want a more relaxed partner to share their life with.

Unless there are more harmonious aspects found in these lovers charts that can offset the inherent differences found in their personalities, astrology compatibility would indicate this pairing an unlikely combination for the long haul.

Scorpio and Sagittarius compatibility isn't a perfect astrology love match, but with a lot of work from both partners they have a chance at love everlasting.


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