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The science of energy healing isn't taught in schools, but it should be! What are human energy fields, brain wave frequencies, auras, and vibrations? When people say energy healing therapy or universal energy healing are they talking about the same thing? Newcomers to alternative healing concepts are often looking for answers but finding more questions. This is because for every energy healing practitioner out there, there are thousands of healing modalities available.

This section of the website is dedicated to taking the mystery out of learning energy healing. We're going to demystify the process, and throw in some science for those of you who need a little "proof".

Not everyone needs the validation of scientific research, but some of you do. If you're the type who can't quite believe in all of these new age concepts without facts to back it up then this section of the website is for you. It's for all of the skeptical people over the years who have asked "How does any of this energy stuff work?"

The question bugged us too. We knew intuitively, but didn't have any clearly defined research to back it up. So we researched and researched and then researched some more. The results are here in this section of the website.

On the other hand many of you "just know" that holistic therapies work. You're like us. The first time we picked up a crystal years ago we felt our consciousness shifting, our bodies and spirits aligning with The Source, our hearts opening up with compassion. When people are tapped in and vibrating in connection with the flow of the universe, intuitive knowledge just is.


Our search for scientific facts started with crystal singing bowls and then quickly branched out to sound healing in general and then even further to cover energy work of all types. We'd been doing energy healing work for years, but it wasn't until we started working with the crystal bowls that we started to seek some scientific validation on what we already knew with our intuition. We wanted clear definitions, and solid scientific research. We could feel the results of an energy healing session, and so could our clients but we wanted to know more. We wanted to know why it worked and how it worked.

So after months of research we've compiled a a quick, understandable breakdown of the science of energy healing and how it works. That's what we've endeavored to provide for you in this section and in the next three sections, Entrainment, Brain Wave Frequencies, and the Human Energy Field.

Energy Healing has been around for Millennia. The shamans and healers and priests of countless world cultures already know the power of vibration. However, modern man is just catching up. The scientific study of Energy Healing is in it's infancy and it's surprising how little research has been done. What we have done is compile as much of the existing research as we could into this section, and added in our own studies.

Despite the truly astounding discoveries that have been made about the science of energy healing, the traditional scientific and medical communities still seem to regard energy work as a theoretical and fanciful concept. It's time for that to change, and that is the reason we created the Energy Healing Info website, to provide, free of charge, as much information as possible about the variety of holistic therapies and techniques available to us all.

This section is broken down into three parts. The concepts that will be reviewed are entrainment, brain wave frequencies, and the human energy field. First we are going to review some traditional physics concepts. These are concepts that are readily accepted by the scientific community. They will help fill in the gaps often missing in new age books about the principals behind why alternative healing works.

Throughout the next three pages we've included technical science of energy healing definitions and terminology for those of you who really want to know the heady stuff, but we've also included the plain English definitions and basic concepts for the rest of us who have a hard time processing the heavy stuff.

It took us months of intensive research, fact-finding, and fact-checking to compile this section. Since we wrote this section not just for those who already know that energy work is valid but also for all of the well-loved skeptics out there, we've taken great detail to include all of the sources for information and research studies that are mentioned.

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