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A Sagittarius Woman in Love requires freedom and excitement. Do you know how to keep this fire sign intrigued? Read on to discover what makes a Sagittarius woman stick around....

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sagittarius woman in love

The Sagittarius woman is jovial, expansive and wants to live life to the fullest. To her, life is one big adventure with a never-ending series of possibilities and explorations. Endowed with a sense of optimism, humor and generosity, she is a free spirit at heart and literally makes her own luck in every aspect of life. Being a mutable sign means she is often restless, changeable at the drop of a hat and needs constant change, stimulation and variety to feel alive. Her independence and short attention span makes her appear to be detached and fickle when it comes to love and relationships. Because she craves excitement and challenges in life, she is barely able to stay long or go very deep with one person at a time. Her interest usually wanes midway as she finds her gravitating to more challenging people or situations.


The typical Sagittarius woman navigates well in society and tends to focus more on the moment than thinking about the past or fretting over the future. To her, life is one big adventure to be lived in the present. She seems more comfortable with friendship than love as she tends to be more flighty than faithful and can seem to cut off from close ties with ease. When she focuses more on the superficial externalities of a partner like his charm, wealth and accomplishments, there is always a price to pay in the long run.

When the Sagittarius woman in love feels her freedom has been restricted or confined, she can lose all zest for life and turn cold emotionally without a backward glance. With her propensity for whirlwind affairs and liaisons, she can drift through life with the selfish aim of instant ego gratification without a thought of responsibility for her own actions. If she is perpetually caught up with her grandiose ideals in the big picture of life, then she misses out on having the opportunity to truly connect with another on a deeper, emotional level. Instead of shrugging off her failed relationships as bad experiences, she has to reflect on her own choices in life and the consequences that they bring.

To catch the eye of this fire sign, present her with excitement and challenge. She'll step up to the plate of winning your heart as long as it seems like a game. To keep a Sagittarius woman in love with you will take a commitment on your part to keep things light and casual. Don't drown this sign with speeches about never-ending true love, she'll be gone before you're done talking! Instead aim to be her best friend, her strongest confidante, and her most intriguing lover. If you keep these things in mind, she'll find no need to leave your side in search of new adventure.


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