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A Sagittarius Man in Love is impulsive, restless and adventurous. Do you know how to tame this fire sign for long enough to catch his heart? Read on to discover how to catch and keep a Sagittarius man....

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sagittarius man in love

The Sagittarius man is a perpetual student of life as the intellectual part of him is constantly seeking out new horizons and stimulating experiences. His mind is a bottomless pit for new information as life to him is one adventure with no end in sight. Though he is enthusiastic and engaging when it comes to friends, he is difficult to pin down in matters revolving around love. Despite the facade of being able to mingle with almost anyone, he is surprisingly detached and self-involved when it comes to interactions with lovers. His freedom-loving ways mirror his preference for women who are self-sufficient and independent as well.


The Sagittarius man in love has one weakness: focusing solely on his number one prize in life, his freedom. This restless wanderer tendency can undermine an otherwise terrific relationship. He can be emotionally myopic in outlook and chase after what he wants in the heat of the moment, without feeling the least bit of guilt. In his younger days, this man is likely to chalk up an impressive score in the infidelity department, with a series of short-lived affairs. Despite being an emotional sign, the Sagittarius man does not learn emotional lessons easily or quickly. When it's time for him to settle down his biggest lesson will be developing committment to another instead of being so committed to freedom at all costs. Becoming aware of the feelings and needs of his partner is the first step he has to take. He will fare best in a relationship with a partner who is as adventurous and restless as him, taking on both the roles of friend as well as lover.

Your Sagittarius is a wild spirited man who will offer excitement and adventure, even when it's just a trip to the grocery store! To catch his eye, let him see your wild side as well. He's looking for a partner who will explore each day with him, a fellow adventurer. Show him you have what it takes to keep up with him and he'll keep you at his side. Once you've caught your Sagittarius man at all costs avoid the impression of tying him down. He's not the typical white picket fence guy, and that kind of lifestyle will have him looking for greener pastures. Guilt trips and talks about responsibility will drive him away quicker than anything. The last thing you'll see is him heading out the door on another trip to places unknown. He'll stay by you for eternity if you are capable of being a partner on the journey, ready for anything that may come up, whether it be surfing the big waves in Hawaii or trecking through Nepali with the bare necessities on your back.


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