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A Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility love match can be a red hot love affair between these two matching fire signs. But with so much in common, will the flames turn to embers? Find out how two Sagittarians fare together in love, relationships and marriage.

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sagittarius compatibility astrology compatibility sagittarius compatibility


When these two Fire signs come together, they make a dynamic duo with their fiery passion for the same things in life.

Both of them have similar interests - mental stimulation, higher learning, philosophy, travel and acquiring new knowledge to feed their ideals.

They both value their independence and freedom greatly and have no problems respecting and understanding each other's need for space and personal freedom.

Since both are equally energetic and enthusiastic about life and higher learning, they will encourage each other to throw themselves into whatever new adventure or challenge that might arise.

What these two fire signs have in common means that a matching Sagittarian love affair has a great chance at success according to astrology compatibility. There are a few issues though...


Even though these matching Fire signs have a happy-go-lucky disposition and so much in common, difficulties may arise when they both want similar things, getting into each other's way. They are innately impulsive individuals who rush headlong into situations casting logic and reason aside. As a couple, there won't be anyone to offer a "level-headed and logical" reminder.

This could result in many grand adventures and experiences, but the road will be bumpy. A double Sagittarian relationship will be intense, exciting and a contrast to the more grounded routine of some other astrolgical signs.

However, being Sagittarians, both lovers will crave this excitement and may not miss the stability of a more grounded relationship. Much depends on the other aspects present in each person's astrological chart.


All in all, compatibility for Sagittarius couples is at an all-time high. Expect the sex to be sizzling, the adventures to be grand, and excitement levels to be high.

Don't look for 401k plans and white picket fences though. There will be too many life-changing events occuring to see that kind of stability...


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