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A Sagittarius and Pisces compatibility match has some potential for long term love, although there are a few difficulties to overcome. Find out how Fire and Water can lear to live together in matters of the heart.

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Pisces and Sagittarius form a difficult aspect on the zodiac wheel but despite the challenges, these two emotionally based signs have a good chance at long term love.

These two astrology signs can feel a quick connection and gravitate towards each other initially.

Sagittarius is likely to be drawn towards the mysterious aura and sensitivity exerted by Pisces, while Pisces is likely to be drawn towards Sagittarius' outgoing facade and sense of adventure.

They share a love of transcending boundaries - Sagittarius with the quest to search for spiritual truth and Pisces with the desire to escape the confines of daily mundane existence to find a soul mate connection.

Both are mutable signs, indicating that there will be much give and take in the union, with neither striving to be "top dog" or dominate the relationship. They both share similar romantic ideals and have a difficult time facing up to the harsh realities of emotional baggage in a relationship. Pisces in particular can be prone to escapist tendencies. Their Sagittarian lover is likely to temper this with their strong leanings towards optimism and enthusiasm.


There are a few intrinsic differences for a Pisces and Sagittarius love match to overcome.

The Archer may have to temper his/her critical side in order to prevent coming on too strong and upsetting ultra-sensitive Pisces. Pisces also needs lots of encouragement and support from a mate, which fun loving Sagittarius might find tiring.

Of the two, Pisces is likely to find him or herself making more sacrifices for the Archer and may feel victimized if they are not reciprocated.

While a Saggitarius and Pisces astrology compatibility match isn't the perfect one for these two signs, they can make it work.

If Pisces can learn to give their mate extra breathing room, and Sagittarius can learn to give more support than they're accustomed too, these two lovers have a decent chance at a long-term relationship.

It would certainly help if there are more harmonious aspects from each other's chart influences to offset the inherent differences found in their personalities.

They have a good start though, because they are both "heart-driven" and emotionally connected to their partners. Additionally, they are both "mutable signs" meaning neither will want to dominate the relationship. If they can use these common traits to overcome their differences this Sagittarius and Pisces compatibility match could be holding hands into old age....


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