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The Sacral chakra is an energy center located a couple inches below your belly button.

This energy center, also called the second and Svadhishthana chakra, is the energetic representation of sexuality, creativity, and manifestation. It also represents your emotional connection to others. I jokingly refer to it as the soap-opera chakra.


sacral chakra

Physical imbalances associated with an overly open second chakra include adrenal exhaustion (wired-but-tired feeling), cervical dysplasia, or STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

Blockages or closed second chakra issues manifest as prostate problems, low back pain, or frequent kidney, bladder, or urinary tract infections (UTI).

Energetically, When your Sacral energy center is too open, you could be overly driven by sexual urges (nymphomania or sex-addicted), and excessive fantasizing. You may also have trouble defining healthy boundaries.

When your Sacral is closed, you will have weakened sex drive or lack of creativity and productiveness. Writer's block is an example of a blockage in the Sacral.


Orange is the color associated with the Sacral chakra. You can use chakra color therapy for the second chakra by wearing orange clothing, decorating with orange, or painting with the color orange. Keeping orange flowers around the house is also effective. If you work on a computer often, change your screensaver to something with bright orange flowers, pumpkins, or fall leaves.


The musical note associated with the second chakra is D. If you like music or sound healing, you can use instruments, chimes, or voice in D. I use Vam (rhymes with mom), a bija mantra associated with chakra balancing when chanting or play a singing crystal bowl. I also enjoy listening to classical music played in D. This can be particularly powerful. Something about the structure of classical music really lends itself to sound healing.


Crystals that help heal or balance your second chakra include carnelian, orange calcite, and topaz. You can use these crystals or any crystals that feel right for you by holding them, meditating while looking at them, or making gem elixirs.


Aromatherapy for your second chakra would be Ylang-ylang. Burning Ylang-lang incense or smelling essential oils is very effective for long term healing and rebalancing of the sacral energy center. It's simple, inexpensive, and does the job nicely.


sacral chakra balancing

My favorite lifestyle habit for sacral health is dancing. Dancing engages the body physically, it's fun, expressive, and can be sexually stimulating. Dancing also incorporates the creative and expressive aspects of the second chakra. If you don't like to dance, having sex with a loving partner works well. Having a hobby that involves dynamic creativity is wonderful.

I'm a huge supporter of artistic expression. Paint, draw, write, sculpt. Do anything that makes you feel productive and creative. Make time to do something artisic for at least a few minutes every day or so. Your sacral chakra will thank you.


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