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Your Root chakra is an energy center located at your tailbone.

It is often also called the first or muldhara chakra. This energy center is an energetic representation of your connection to the Earth, connnection to your family and tribe, groundedness, and survival issues.


root chakra

Physical imbalances related to the root chakra include hemorrhoids, constipation, prostate problems, knee pain, and weight issues. If you are bothered by these symptoms, you can oftentimes bring balance back through energy healing your first chakra. Through energy healing, you will start to have more awareness of the dietary and lifestyle changes you need to make to heal the physical.

Imbalances don't always mannifest on the physical. If your first chakra is weak or closed, it can result in lack of connection to friends or family or lack of wealth and abundance.

An overly open muldhara chakra can lead to selfishness, overindulgence in earthly pleasures, and materialism. People who live in very cluttery environments oftentimes have overly open base chakras.


The color for the first chakra is earthy red or black. These are the most primal energies, pure caveman style survival issues. Your ability to acquire food, water, and shelter. In modern times, it is associated with wealth and abundance. For color therapy, my personal favorite uses images of volcanoes. Volcanoes epitomize groundedness and primal forces.


sound healing for root chakra balancing

Another association with the first chakra is the musical note C. You can sing, chant, or play an instrument in C to balance the Root or Base chakra.

In my own sound healing practice, I chant Lam (a bija mantra) and play a crystal singing bowl tuned to C.

I find this combination very effective for energy healing. Drumming is another classic method for improving first chakra health.

You don't need to go to a drum circle or get a crystal singing bowl to take advantage of the benefits. You can also listen to music geared towards the first chakra like drumming music or chakra balancing cd's.


root chakra crystals

Crystals are oftentimes used to help balance the chakras. For the first chakra, garnet, ruby, bloodstone and obsidian can be held or made into a gem elixir. Because of the strong physical properties of the Base chakra, the solidity of the stones lends itself to healing imbalances in Root issues.

On the subject of crystals for the muldhara chakra: Tanja and I have different associations for garnet, ruby, and many other red stones. Traditional usage matches them with first chakra, our feelings are that earth colored stones are more root-ish and red stones are more sacral. Please pardon the discrepancy, we're just funny that way.


Aromatherapy scents associated with the first chakra include Cedar, Patchouli, and Sandalwood.

Burning incense or smelling essential oils is a very simple way to keep energetic focus on groundedness.

Many people in the Western world downplay the power of incense, but there's a reason people have been creating and burning incense for thousands of years.


Some lifestyle activities that help balance your Root chakra are hiking in wild places, tree-hugging (I know, ha-ha, but it really works), gardening, and walking barefoot on the Earth. You can check out more grounding techniques here, or a root chakra healing technique here for more...


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