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rings of uranus nasa recordings What could singing bowls possibly have to do with the rings of the planet Uranus? Once you hear these recordings you'll be amazed.

Around 20 years ago NASA made recordings with the Voyager trip of the sounds of the planets then released the recordings to the public. One of those recordings was of the planet Uranus. The sound of Uranus is ethereal. It also bears an amazing similarity to the sounds of crystal singing bowls. An amazing similarity.

Listen to these two recordings and see for yourself. The first recording is a youtube video with the recording of the rings of Uranus as the soundtrack. The second recording is our youtube video with the recording of crystal singing bowls as the soundtrack.

As you listen, pay attention to the undertones and overtones that occur in both of them. The frequencies shift in an extremely similar fashion. At 1 minute 50 seconds the Rings of Uranus recording sounds just like crystal singing bowls. It happens again in the 6 minute range. It's very clear and the similarities go beyond coincidence.

At 8 minutes 40 seconds it sounds identical to the undulating patterns of a crystal singing bowl. Identical!

* These youtube videos may not show on some versions of internet explorer. Consider using Mozilla Firefox to see and hear them.

Rings of Uranus Nasa Recording by Voyager

Our Crystal Singing Bowls Recorded Done in a Recording Studio

Crystal Singing Bowls and the Rings of Uranus

Isn't that amazing? Wow. It speaks to the truth of planetary consciousness. Now check out this story.

Years before we ever heard of the sound recordings by Nasa we were first introduced to crystal singing bowls at a friends house. He had seven temple sized bowls and we settled in to listen while he and a friend played them for an hour.

We were blown away by the experience, especially the way we could "feel" the vibrations of the bowls entering our bodies.

My honey Patrick (the other half that runs this website and the creator of the Sacred Sounds Crystal Singing Bowl cd/mp3) had an amazing experience at the time. While the bowls were being played he meditated and experienced a vision. He felt that he was a planet with rings around it. As the bowls vibrated and created undertones and overtones he felt the rings around him pulsating and harmonically vibrating with the music of the crystal bowls being played.

Cool first experience with the bowls! (Lots of people experience visions, intuitive messages, etc., when listening to crystal singing bowls.)

At the time he was just blown away by it. It wasn't until years later that we stumbled across an article written by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, the director for the Center of Neuroacoustic Research. The article was about the connection between the recordings of space and similar sounds here on earth. He noted that the recordings of Uranus sounded like recordings of singing bowls.

In the doctor's own words:

"In 1989 I came in contact with an aerospace engineer with sound recordings from the Voyager spacecraft. These recordings were taken as Voyager passed by the outer planets of our Solar System - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. These NASA recordings from outer space, which were of charged electromagnetic particles (ions) in the magnetic fields of planets vibrating within the range of human hearing, sounded remarkably like ocean sounds, dolphins, choirs of voices singing, crickets and birds. There are also other sounds too strange to identify, but which seem very familiar. Interestingly enough, the rings of Uranus produce sounds like Tibetan bowl recordings that have been slowed to reflect their subtle harmonics. Could this be a deeper, vaster level of the collective unconscious mind...?"

When we ran across Dr. Thompson's article we couldn't believe it. There was actually a real, tangible connection between Patrick's vision of pulsating rings around a planet and the singing bowls.

These connections between crystal singing bowls and the Rings of Uranus lend credence to what ancient cultures have known all along. There is a vast power in sound, a cosmic connection, a primordial knowledge, that we are only now at the beginnings of understanding and researching.


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