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Reiki Helped me Deal with My Divorce

by Newly Divorced

Several years ago I met wonderful woman I will call Teri. She and I met through a women's spirituality group in Arizona, and as we got to know each other, she and I spoke of many things.

After a short time Teri asked me some personal questions, as she said that she sensed I felt troubled. I talked to her about the divorce I was going through, and how difficult it was, and how my entire Self seemed to be sick with it.

This is when she told me about reiki. Teri told me that she had recently been attuned to her reiki level two, and that she would be honored if I would allow her to do some work with me. She and I worked out a trade of services – I helped her with some make-ahead meals – and we then began our healing sessions.

At first I was concerned that I wouldn’t feel anything, or that reiki was nonsense, or any of a million other things. I had gotten to a very negative space in my life by then, though after our first session I knew right away that Teri had a very special gift.

Teri had a space set aside in her home for reiki healing. It had a chaise-type couch and several other cushions in case someone preferred the floor. The colors were dark and lush, and the room itself was softly lit with a small lamp and a few candles. She had also clearly used incense or some other pleasant scent recently. Finally, the stage was fully set with soft, ambient music.

When I first arrived, Teri asked me to make myself comfortable, and after some relaxation techniques for me, and some centering for her, she began to work on me.

Her hands felt warm with the energy she had built up, and I could feel a slight glow wherever she touched me. Teri also used some small crystals during the session, placing some of them on my chakras. I don’t remember how long our session took, as I was extremely relaxed. I just know that after our first session I felt as though a great weight had been lifted from me.

I continued with a few more of these sessions with Teri, and eventually the divorce finalized and everything settled. Teri and I drifted a bit after a while and are no longer in touch; but I will always remember that her gift of reiki is what really turned my life around during an awful time. I felt better mentally, physically, and spiritually, and that’s the best gift of all.

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