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by Jyoti

Question: Hi, I am a small business owner. I make glass beads and sell jewelery and accessories made from them. I want to expand but I am stagnating.

Creatively I want to make paper weights and for the bread and butter I want to make the beads and jewelry. I don't seem to get the employees for expansion. How do I solve this problem using reiki?

Answer: Hello Jyoti. We will add you to our healing request list for the week to send reiki energy to your business. As far as how you can use reiki, there are many, many ways.

We have a technique called abundance prosperity reiki that you should definitely check out as a starting point. It has a long term technique you can use to attract abundance to your business.

Another simple method is to channel reiki energy into your glass making equipment. This infuses the white light energy into every piece you make, which will attract people to your pieces naturally. They will "feel" the good vibes of your finished pieces and want to take home a piece of that positive energy.

When I was actively making and selling crystal jewelry I added reiki energy to every piece I made, and my sales were very good.

I'm not sure what scale your business is at or where you are located, so specifics are a little harder but whether you have a large scale manufacturing plant or a small place where you blow glass, this method will help. Infuse the area where you work with reiki energy. Do this every day, first thing in the morning when you arrive in your work space.

Also, purchase several pieces of jade or another prosperity stone you are drawn to and infuse them with reiki prosperity energy. Here are two pages that will show you step by step instructions on how to do this:

reiki healing crystals

crystal programming techniques

The reiki healing crystals page is for attuning crystals to be programmed for healing. Just substitute healing for abundance and prosperity. The crystal programming techniques page will give further tips on how to program a crystal for a specific intention.

Once you are done programming the jade using reiki energy, place the jade pieces around the work space. They will raise the vibration of abundance and clear any blockages that are affecting your prosperity.

Also you can play reiki music in your space to infuse the energies of reiki into it.

I also have a few tips that aren't related to reiki but that will help to increase your jewelry business success.

1) Do you have an online presence? A website will really help your business grow. We use site build it which has been a transformational influence in our lives. Our first healing website got 10 visitors a month after being live on the web for 2 years. No one was finding us. Using the tools and the community of site build it we now get 30,000 visitors a month to this website. (I'm proud of that!)

I don't sell jewelry any longer, we sell our chakra balancing cd instead because it is less time consuming than making each piece of jewelry. Without site build it our cd sales would be nonexistent and I'd still be doing all my wire-wrapped pieces and selling them at fairs. I loved it, but it was also hard work.

2) When I was making jewelry I ran across an incredibly helpful site that talked about the promotional aspects of a jewelry business. It happens to be a site build it website as well (and was my first introduction to their program).
The website is home jewelry business success tips. Rena has wonderful advice on how to market, display and increase jewelry sales.

3) You mention not being able to get employees for expansion. I'm not sure if this is because you can't find skilled workers or because it is not in your budget to pay them at this time. If it's not in your budget, do the abundance reiki techniques at the top of the page.

If it's because you can't find skilled workers, consider taking on apprentices and teaching them the trade. When Patrick and I traveled for a while we ran into some friends who were apprenticing for a glass blower.

They were provided with room and board and a small stipend for their work. It wasn't a full salary, but they didn't care because they were learning how to blow glass from a skilled artisan!

It was a life experience that they were loving and they knew later they would be able to start their own glass blowing business.

Consider the idea of taking on apprentices rather than employees. This will cost you less and you will be able to enrich someone else's life in the long run. Good karma for everyone!

Good luck with your endeavors. Namaste, Tanja

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