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Reiki Healing is gentle and amazingly effective...

The first time I experienced the gentle healing energies of Reiki was during my first degree attunement. My close friend, Scott Pridemore, shared the attunement with me. This was back in 1996 when Reiki was first becoming well known as a healing method and when the prices for attunements were still in the thousands of dollars.

That attunement opened a new world of healing energies to me. Over the period of a few weeks I felt soft and subtle changes in my life, in my being. I felt clearer, peaceful, at one with myself.

I'd been working with healing energies, crystals, meditation, and mantras for years at that point. But Reiki somehow solidified it all... lightened my vibration, made me feel comfortable in the universe in a way I hadn't felt before. It was like I'd come home...

Have you experienced Reiki healing yet? Are you interested but unsure? Have you been attuned but don't know what to do next? We've created a guide to walk you through working with the light healing energies of Reiki. In these pages you'll discover what to expect out of an attunement, what to do once you've been attuned, and how to take your Reiki healing practice to the next level. Let's get started...


Reiki Healing Methods...

Reiki Hand Positions...

Reiki Symbols Revealed...

Preparing for your Reiki Certificate and Attunement...

The History of Reiki...

The Five Spiritual Principals of Reiki...

The Three Levels of Reiki...

Your Reiki Stories...


Making Reiki Crystals...

Distance Reiki Technique...

Abundance Prosperity Reiki Technique...

Reiki Protection Technique...

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