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Reiki Helped me Deal with My Divorce 
Several years ago I met wonderful woman I will call Teri. She and I met through a women's spirituality group in Arizona, and as we got to know each other, …

Energy Healing Story Reiki for Depression 
Reiki Healing Energy is to be experienced rather than explained. Today I am a staunch believer in Reiki's healing power. But I was not always like …

Reiki Convergence Not rated yet
Hello! My Reiki experience started when I went to yoga one day and no others students showed up. Instead of yoga, the instructor and I had an intimate …

Massage, Reiki and Me... Not rated yet
My background is pharmacy, however I left that job in order to pursue another career as I grew tired of compromising my morals for the well being of the …

Wedding Planning Day turned into an Impromptu Group Reiki Healing  Not rated yet
In September 2004, as I was in the final stages of planning my wedding, I had a meeting with my cake maker, who ironically was also a Reiki therapist. …

I was Skeptical of Reiki Healing Before I had my Attunements Not rated yet
When I first heard about the Reiki Healing Method, I have to admit, I was very skeptical. I had never heard of such a thing, and I just couldn't understand …

First Level Reiki Attunement A Skeptical Perspective Not rated yet
My friend had done a first level reiki attunement and enthusiastically urged me to do likewise. I was really hoping it worked so I could help heal my autistic …

Is it possible to lose Reiki Energy? Not rated yet
Question: I am 2nd degree however since last 3 months I feel Reiki energy is not flowing through me. I do not feel my hands warm; this is more evident …

Reiki Reconnection Energy Healing Story Not rated yet
Reiki Connection Energy Healing Story: I have a great massage therapist that sort of suggested Reiki many times. I must say I was a skeptic going into …

Energy Healing Story Reiki and Crystal Healers Not rated yet
I had never been a believer in crystals and crystal healing until a couple of years ago when a dear friend became a Reiki healer and a Master of Crystology. …

Energy Healing Story School Teacher Shares Reiki  Not rated yet
My first introduction to Reiki and its healing energy was way past in 1994. It was a strange experience, and still deports me to the back stage of …

Energy Healing Story My First Reiki Experience Not rated yet
My first Reiki experience was an “accident”. Not long after I bought my business partners out of the auto repair business I owned I was very tired …

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