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Wanting to learn Reiki Healing Methods and how to do Reiki?

If you haven't already been attuned to Reiki, read the guide on preparing for your reiki certificate. Another must stop is the Three Levels of Reiki page which explains about each of the three attunements.

The following sections provide the practical hands on techniques that will help you develop your healing abilities. As always, use the reiki healing methods that you are drawn to, eliminate those that you're not. Healing with Reiki is an intuitive process. Let your intuition be free to guide you towards the techniques which will be most effective for you.

This Reiki healing methods page is focused on self-healing practices. We have another section dedicated to practicing on a client, friend, or family member.

Reiki is a very simple healing system to learn. After receiving a Reiki 1, 2, or 3 attunement all that's needed to start channeling the Reiki healing energy is to ask it to come.

Many people use elaborate hand placement on the needed healing locations. Other people find that they can choose one spot on a person's body and the Reiki will choose the needed locations on it's own. The Reiki energy is smart, and knows where to go, If you do Reiki to your abdomen, but have a health issue in your left leg, it will flow to your left leg. When someone is beginning to learn how to perform reiki, they often will want specific reiki hand positions. If this sounds like you, visit our reiki hand positions page and then return here.


Find a quiet place either in your home or out in nature. It's a good idea to turn off the ringer on the phone for a few minutes and request some quiet time from anyone else in your home. The spoken word has a compounding effect, so we recommend that you ask out loud that Reiki healing energy come to you now. This can be phrased anyway you like it. Here is an example...

I open myself to the universal white light energy of Reiki.

Once you have spoken your request, sit quietly in a meditative state for several minutes. This will bring your vibrational energies into alignment with the universe, and allow you to be an open channel for the healing energies. You will know you're ready to begin when you feel:

* A sense of peace settle into your body
* A feeling of relaxation and calmness
* Your mind slowing and dropping into a meditative alpha state
* A tingling sensation in your hand chakras or crown chakra
* Your intuition tells you that you are ready to begin

Don't worry if you don't experience these sensations, or only experience some of them. These are guideposts that many reiki practitioners and energy healers feel when doing their healing work. If you are a beginner, it will take time and practice to reach a deep state of tranquility and receptivity. As you practice the Reiki healing methods, you will begin to feel these sensations more and more frequently.

The time it takes practitioners to settle into an alpha or theta brain wave state (the brain frequencies that many healers go to when doing their healing work) can vary. When you are beginning your healing journey, it may not come at all. With practice and time, five minutes of meditation will place you there. Eventually you'll be able to slip into the healing vibrational state instantaneously. As you practice Reiki healing methods more, you will develop the ability to turn the Reiki energy on very quickly and effortlessly.

Once you feel ready, or after meditating for five to ten minutes begin by placing your hands on your self and simply intend for Reiki to flow into your crown chakra, through your body, and out your hands. As the Reiki flows, you will feel a variety of sensations. Common feelings are a tingling on the top of your head (where the crown chakra is located), an energetic rushing sensation through your body, and a strong tingling in your hands. Many people will feel their hands warming up when they are doing Reiki healing methods, although this is not always the case.

Practice feeling the Reiki flow through you. Allow the energy to go where it is needed. Know that even as the Reiki is flowing through you and out of your hands, it is flowing back into you where your hands are placed on your body, creating a complete circle of healing.

Continue chanelling the reiki energy until you feel intuitively guided that you are done. When you are done with your healing, give yourself a few minutes before getting up and shifting gears. Your body will want to acclimate to it's new vibration.


If you follow these basic Reiki healing methods and practice on a regular basis you will find your abilities developing rapidly. Don't feel limited. If you only have two minutes to do reiki healing methods, go for it. Two minutes can be powerful. If you have twenty minutes, or even an hour, that's great too. Just make sure to try and do at least a few minutes every single day. Frequency will make the difference in your skills.

Reiki healing methods can be combined with any other healing modality. Massage therapists can channel Reiki healing at the same time they give a massage. Doctors and nurses can channel Reiki while they care for their patients. Reiki is suitable with Quantam Touch, Adamantine System, Radiant Heart Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique, etc.

We combine Reiki healing methods with the healing power of sound using a combination of Reiki, Crystal Singing Bowls, Vocal Toning, Mantras, Shanti Chimes, Tibetan Metal Singing Bowls, and Native rattles. Allow yourself to experiment. With time you will develop a comfortable method for using Reiki also.

A few of our favorite methods (many of these advanced techniques are covered in other covered in other areas of the Reiki Healing section of our website) are using a focus crystal to channel the Reiki through, channeling Reiki while chanting Ohm into a client's energy sphere, and channeling Reiki to a large crowd through the medium of crystal singing bowls. As you can see, there is a large variety of applications for Reiki. As you practice and develop your skills you will discover your favorite's also.

Remember the most important thing is to practice Reiki every day. It can be as quick as five minutes while driving to work or petting the cat. Or as intensive as an hour of focused meditation and Reiki channeling. It is through extensive practice that your techniques will continue to develop. Receiving an attunement to Reiki 1, 2, or 3 simply starts the process of developing the skills. It opens up your energy to channel Reiki at the level you have completed. It is a starting point.

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