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Learn Reiki Hand Positions Without Taking Classes or Training Courses.
Picture Guide to Learning the Hand Positions of Reiki.

Below is a listing of the reiki hand positions. Try one now, intuitively picking one from the list.

* Hands placed on the top of the head (crown)
* Hands placed over both eyes
* Hands placed over both ears
* Hands placed over the neck
* Hands placed on the shoulders
* Hands placed over the chest (heart chakra area)
* Hands placed on the stomach
* Hands placed over the knees
* Hands placed at the ankles
* Hands placed on the feet

reiki hand positions energy healing

Choose one of the reiki hand positions from the list above or from the drawings to the right and practice it now. Place your hands on yourself and feel the Reiki energy moving through you. Hold this position for several minutes and practice. Now choose another position and change locations. Allow your intuition to guide you and speak to you.

Go through the reiki hand position list, spending several minutes on each position. Now try an intuitive reiki hand position. Put your hands wherever they feel drawn. It could be a small mole on your arm, or a tender spot on your leg, anywhere you feel you might have an energetic blockage. Hold the position and feel the energy traveling to this spot, healing it.

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