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Reiki Convergence

by Harry Crew


My Reiki experience started when I went to yoga one day and no others students showed up. Instead of yoga, the instructor and I had an intimate conversation about her recent experience with Reiki. As she was speaking, I felt something stirring within myself. I felt my vision and my attention begin to focus in ways that were uncommon for me. I began to feel as if Reiki and I were "meant" to know each other better.

It turned out that a Level 1 Reiki session was being taught at the same yoga studio that coming weekend. I asked my Yoga instructor if there would be any more room in the class. It turned out that there was one more spot left, which I quickly took.

Reiki is now my most favorite companion and has aided in the calming of many a friend and pet. I have never been more calm and centered than I am now, nor have I felt as in tune with the flow of energy. Each day, Reiki shows me new and wonderful things which I am to learn and share with others. I am extremely grateful for the path I have taken with Reiki.

Peace and Light to All.

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