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Great job with the website! I can feel and appreciate all the work and love that you put into it. God bless you, Jeremy

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Dear Tanja, Thank you so much for your reply and your healing on my brothers behalf. If possible could you continue to send healing as long as you are able as Antony needs as much help as possible at this time. Thank You Again, Love and Light, Tai X

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Hey Patrick and Tanja! Joshua Newman here. Your site is really looking sharp and well organized. I like your look and the spirit of generosity that comes through. Have you thought about adding an "About Us" page with some information about each of you? I think that people would really like that; I know that I would. Keep up that wonderful healing work! JN

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Ki Ora Mr. Ray. Thank you for having a site for healing. I am humbled to know you all. My aunty put me on to your site. I look forward to visiting your site daily,again I thank you all. Ki Ora Tracey Ann

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Dear, Hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season... the best is yet to come. Best Regards, Eric Rafdal, Life of Learning Foundation

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I am working as spiritual healer at Udaipur (India) specially for the patients suffering from Parkinson and knee joints pain. Apart from their regular medical treatment and medicines I involve them in total spirituality and use medicated oil massage on affected portion of body with my spiritual hands. The results are fascinating and attractive. My patients after the treatment starts working as a normal person with full of joy and happiness. I shall be glad to work with you as spiritual healer for the benefit of mankind. God bless to all. Devendra Kumar Joshi spiritual healer

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