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One of the questions we get asked the most is, "What are the therapeutic benefits of quartz singing bowls?" We've decided to answer that question with a series of examples from our own sound healing practice.

quartz singing bowls Patrick Doing a Quartz Singing Bowls Lecture in 2006

This page recounts some of the stories we have experienced and heard about the life transforming benefits of singing bowls. Common experiences include feeling an intense sensation of peace and relaxtion. Other experiences are having old emotional memories resurface for processing.

Oftentimes people have intuitive and psychic experiences as well. At one concert we performed the whole room heard singing that sounded like an angel. Other people have had messages from relatives that had passed over, scents like the room was filled with roses, the sudden ability to see auras, and spontaneous healings. Pretty amazing! Follow along as we share a few of our stories. (The names of client's have been changed when requested.)

+Frank's Experience of Life Transformation

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Frank's Story:

I was referred to a man named Frank who felt he was under energetic attack. At a certain point in his life, he had owned an upscale restaurant and was happy in his relationship. A series of events put him into a downward spiral and he ended up at the bottom. He was running a food booth at a fleamarket, barely able to pay his bills and feeling completely trapped. This was a classy guy. He was always dressed to the nines and from outward appearances his life seemed on track. But it wasn't. That's when I met him. He really wanted help.

He felt that an ex-girlfriend had put a curse on him using Santeria magic and that was the reason his life had crashed.

He needed a life transformation and peace of mind that no one could affect his life but himself. During our first session, I asked him to write down his dream life, the exact situation he would choose for himself if he could. After writing it down, I wrote sacred symbols on the paper to bring in transformational energy and placed it in the handle of one of my hand-held crystal singing bowls.

Over the course of the next 4 months, I communed with Spirit and did a series of sound energy healing sessions with him using the bowl that held his dream life request in it. I used sage smudging for cleansing out his old belief systems. Native American rattles broke up the deeply held feelings of unworthiness. Crystal Singing Bowls, one of my personal favorite sound healing tools, were moved in and around his electromagnetic field, commonly referred to as the aura, to balance and empower his chakras.

I also drew the various Reiki symbols into his aura to increase his receptivity to the healing energies. As always in healing work, I asked to be used as an instrument to focus the infinite Love that comes from what I refer to as Great Spirit.

Life got better. He seemed happier and smiled more often. He started to feel better about himself and felt free from the evil spirits he had felt were attacking him. After his fourth session, he told me he wasn't going to reschedule.

Turns out he was moving to Mexico to open a new restaurant and live with the new love in his life. I expressed my gratitude to him for the opportunity to do the energy work and wished him well.

Afterward, I removed the piece of paper with the manifestation he had written on our first sound energy healing session together. His dream life was to move to Mexico, open his own restaurant and live with the woman he loved! I packed the rest of my sound healing tools, filled with the energies of love and gratitude, and went home smiling. Using the energies of crystal singing bowls he had created that dream life for himself and stepped out of the living nightmare he'd been living.

Life transformation are common with crystal singing bowls.

Namaste, Patrick


+Paul's Story of Nerve Damage

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Paul was an older gentleman who had experienced a trauma in his life that caused nerve damage in his hands. When I met him he had difficulty using them 100% and experienced pain on a regular basis.

He was on a tight budget but I felt compelled so I gave him a series of free sound healing sessions. In exchange he took me out to dinner a few times. Sometimes it's not about the money it's about helping other people.

During the sessions I had Paul lie down and hold two double terminated tiger's eye points, one in each hand. Then I did work with the quartz crystal bowls. I completed 5 or 6 one hour sessions with him. After each session he would feel relief from the pain, but functionality hadn't come back.

After the last session he told me with amazement that he could close his hands into tighter fists than he'd been able to in years. I ran into him several months later and found out the increased hand coordination had continued and he now had better use of his hands. Sound healing for nerve damage? Pay attention doctors! This stuff works!


+Sandra's Story of Emotional Release

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Sandra was a lovely young woman. She had a good career, two wonderful children, and a cheerful personality. Once I got to know Sandra more I found out she had experienced some tough knocks in life. Domestic violence had played a large role in her first marriage.

She had been strong and removed herself and her children from the situation, relocating across the country. By the time I met her, those years were in the past but the old emotional wounds were still holding her back.

She felt stifled by her life. She wanted to live more, be happier and rediscover spontaneity. After a series of spiritual counseling sessions that included the crystal singing bowls, Sandra was blossoming again. She took up several new spiritually oriented hobbies that introduced her to new friends that were interested in the same kinds of things she was. All was looking up for her.

It didn't come out until quite a few sessions had been completed that Sandra was currently in a relationship with a man who was controlling, not especially loving and definitely not a positive influence in her or her children's life. He also had very different spiritual beliefs from the one's Sandra was currently interested in, and he didn't want her exploring the spiritual side of her nature. It was hard for Sandra to realize, but with time she did, that she was putting herself into situations with unloving partners.

I moved from that area a short while later, and several months down the road I got an email from Sandra saying she had decided to end the relationship. She was committed to learning how to respect herself and her boundaries and had decided not to become involved with a partner until she felt she could make better choices.

Sandra continued to do a lot of work on her heart chakra and learning the importance of loving oneself. Through the crystal singing bowls and spiritual counseling sessions she had started to release those strong emotional wounds and recover her life, her strength and her joy. I'm proud of you Sandra!


+Chris' Story of Recovering from Lymphoma

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Chris' story is truly amazing. When we met him he was facing stage 4 lymphoma. His lymph nodes were visibly swollen several inches out with large round bumps covering his entire neck. He was pursuing standard treatment protocols with his doctors but the outlook was not positive.

He was determined to recover. A friend of his introduced him to the healing group we belonged to. It was arranged that there would be a healing ceremony performed on him. We met him at a private park on land loaned from an arts community. It was a healing space and perfect for the healing ceremony.

Around thirty people showed up with some very powerful healers in attendance and some novices to it as well. Before the ceremony Chris' energy felt blocked, very stuck, very stagnant, very rigid. It wasn't flowing. Chris sat in the center of a circle while everyone played drums around him. We brought two of our sitting bowls and played the quartz crystal bowls while everyone else drummed. Everyone involved, us included also chanted, toned and channeled healing energy.

The healing ceremony went on for about 2 hours with continuous drumming and singing bowls the entire time. At the end of the ceremony Chris was in tears. He experienced a powerful emotional release as he felt all of the loving energy that everyone had shared with him. It was a powerful day and a powerful experience for everyone involved.

Several months later our group got an update from his friend. Chris, miraculously, was in remission. He attributed it to the healing ceremony.

He was making serious life changes as a result of his new prognosis, learning how to live fully, not be so rigid, and adopting better lifestyle and eating habits. Congratulations Chris!

In Chris' story, the bowls were just a part of it. There were many factors that contributed; the treatment from his doctors, the energy healers present, the drumming, and most of all Chris' willingness to release and heal.


+Your Story

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We've shared four quartz singing bowl stories with you. Two were about life transformations and learning to create a new reality. Two were about physical conditions. All four were about people making the decision to heal themselves, allowing the healing to take place, and having the courage to go in new directions.

What's your story? Are you new to crystal singing bowls and have never heard them before? Have you heard them a few times and are interested in learning more? Have you been working with their crystalline energies for years?

If you have a minute, please share your experiences with quartz singing bowls or ask a question about crystal singing bowls. This website is a community! And we love hearing the voices of that community. So share a story or ask a question.

If you want to learn more about these amazing healing tools, check out our crystal singing bowls guide for beginners or check out our crystal singing bowl music to hear the bowls for yourself.

Here's a sample. It's our chakra balancing meditation video which features quartz crystal singing bowl music from our cd Sacred Sounds.

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