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quartz crystal singing bowls

Quartz crystal singing bowls are a personal favorite of ours. When we first discovered them, we were so taken by their powerful healing vibrations that we bought a seven chakra set of them. Now we have a collection of fifteen singing crystal bowls. Click here for an account of how we began using quartz crystal singing bowls in our energy healing practice.

Crystal singing bowls are similar to their metal singing bowl counterparts from the east. They make a similar singing sound and release blockages when played. Some notable differences are their youth in the new age scene. About twenty years ago someone discovered the computer industry throwing away crystal bowls as a byproduct. They were being used to hold computer chips that were then heated to astronomically high temperatures. The bowls were able to withstand the heat so many times, and then were cast off and replaced with new ones.

Quartz bowls have come a long in way in twenty short years. Now there is a medical doctor, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor who uses them in his Oncology practice to treat cancer patients. Dr. Andrew Weil, the Director of Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, is also a proponent of the bowls.Crystal bowls have even made it onto the front cover of the well known Elle Magazine.


quartz crystal singing bowls

So what are crystal singing bowls? The bowls are made from 99% pure crushed quartz crystal in it's silica state. The quartz is pulverized and then placed in a centrifuge. The centrifuge spins and at it's peak a laser arch hits the centrifuge, molding the quartz into one solid shape.

The bowls are each created to work in conjunction with one of the seven chakras. They are created in corresponding notes to the chakras. There are countless techniques for using crystal singing bowls. If you have a sitting bowl, or several sitting bowls, they are excellent for a meditation practice. Simply play the bowl while you allow your mind to clear. If you have seven bowls a full chakra clearing meditation is possible. Hand-held bowls are also emerging on the market. These are particularly useful for healing practitioners as the vibrating bowl can be moved within a person's energetic light body for intensive healing.

If you haven't heard quartz crystal singing bowls yet, we highly recommend it. Look in your local new age publications to see if anyone is offering crystal bowl concerts in your area. If not, visit the local metaphysical shops and see if they have any on display. The shopkeeper will be able to show you a demonstration, and maybe even teach you the basics of how to play one.

Another alternative is to purchase a crystal singing bowl CD or mp3. There are many on the market, including our own, Sacred Sounds, which features a full sixty minute seven chakra balancing meditation. We have an online sample of our quartz crystal singing bowls cd if you'd like to hear what they sound like.


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