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Quantum Touch Healing is a relatively new holistic healing therapy created by best-selling author Richard Gordon.

It is a simple system that uses the principles of entrainment and resonance with special breathing techniques to change matter on the quantum (subatomic) level. During a healing session the quantum touch practitioner focuses and amplifies their life force energy (often referred to as Chi or Qi) by combining body awareness exercises with breathing techniques.

The practitioner raises their vibration to create a high vibrational energy state and then facilitates balance in the "healee" with hands-on energy healing. The concept is based on energy fields of a person's body being receptive to the high frequency vibrations of the energy healer. It is also based on the concept that the cells of your body wish to be well, and that given the right nurturing will rebalance themselves.

The Quantum Touch Healing therapy is based on the theory that matter is first affected on the subatomic level, then to the atomic level, followed by the molecular level, cellular level, and finally into tissue and bones.

Quantum Touch Healing is known to be especially effective for bone structure and alignment. Practitioners gently shift bone structures back into structural alignment.

While I haven't personally worked much with Quantum Touch Healing, I know many practitioners of this modality who have expressed its uncanny ability to affect structural issues like scoliosis, inflammation, joint and mobility issues, broken bones and misalignments.

With issues of a more emotional nature, many of the Quantum Touch practitioners I know choose other modalities such as reiki healing and their own versions of energy healing.

This holistic healing therapy works especially well in conjunction with cranio-sacral massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists and reflexologists. Like Reiki, this practice does not involve the healer sending their energy into the person being healed.

The practitioner is not drained from doing this work and actually receives a healing themselves at the same time! Also like Reiki, and most other energy healing modalities it is considered a self-healing therapy. You should be receptive to the energies to get the most out of a session.

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