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Preparing for your reiki certificate and attunement can help you integrate the energies of the energy healing modality Reiki into your life. Before you begin your reiki studies it is important to be in an energetically balanced state. Most people go through their reiki instruction and attunement process easily, with a smooth transition of energies. On the other hand we have known many people who have not. This can happen when a person has:

  • Struggling through a difficult emotional period
  • Stress or Anxiety
  • Not enough time between Reiki attunements
  • Very busy, not enough time to process the subtle energies of change
  • Physical, emotional, or spiritual blockages that are not ready to release

Reiki is a powerful healing energy, and it is best not to rush into an attunement and certification process. Make sure you will have a month after receiving your attunement that is a low-stress, low-demand time in your life. (No, it's not neccessary to take a month long vacation to Tahiti! Although that sounds lovely.) You can continue to work and keep your committments to family and friends, just realize you may need more time for Y-O-U.

This is becuse you will be releasing old patterns of living, old vibrations, and old habits. It takes time for this to transition smoothly. Time to be tender with yourself. This translates into more time meditating, taking baths by candlelight, more time spent in nature, and more time reflecting on self.

Here are a few basic guidelines for preparing for a reiki certificate and attunement. We have created these guidelines through years of observation with new Reiki students that we have attuned. It is recommended that you follow these basic steps to ensure a peaceful transition to your new Reiki level.


  • Get a referral or positive reference about your chosen Reiki Master.
  • Sign up for a healing treatment session with your chosen Reiki Master to see what receiving Reiki energy feels like. This will also help to balance your energies before your attunement.
  • Make sure that your intuitive guidance says yes about your chosen Reiki Master. If you have any doubts, look for another person to receive your reiki instruction from.
  • Attend a reiki class or reiki share group, where reiki practitioners do hands on healing in a group setting. Talk to those attending about their experiences with their attunements and certifications.
  • Do reiki studies by reading the Reiki Healing section of our website and reading Essential Reiki by Diane Stein.
  • Gather with fellow Reiki students to practice channeling Reiki on one another.


When you are comfortable with your chosen Reiki Master, and have experienced Reiki healing energy several times, schedule your attunement for one month from now and follow this list:

  • Abstain or reduce usage of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, processed foods, meat, and excessive sugar for a period of one month.
  • Spend time every day, preferably one hour or more channeling Reiki or channeling basic energy healing.
  • Meditate every day, even if it's only five minutes.
  • Recite the five spiritual principals of Reiki upon arising in the morning and retiring in the evening.
  • Practice chakra clearing techniques every day.
  • Practice grounding techniques every day.
  • Explain to your family and friends that after your attunement you will need more time for self, for about a month. This may mean cutting back on a regularly scheduled event, or having more help with preparing meals around the house or cleaning duties. Make sure they are comfortable and supportive of this time in your life.

By following these simple guidelines you have done everything right for preparing for your reiki certificate and attunement. Once you receive your attunement, practice Reiki every day, even if it's for two minutes petting the cat, or on the drive to work. We have a page on the site with some basic reiki healing methods to get you started.

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