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precaution negative effects of stones

by Anonymous

Question: If anybody is keeping two stones together or carrying together, what is going to happen? Are there any negative effects of these stones? What precautions somebody should take if he or she is going to use gemstones?

Answer: The answer to the first part of the question is that the stones will mingle their energy. Like when two people share a space, their energies will blend and mingle. The will learn from each other, they will form bonds of love/friendship.

For stones, this means that the crystals will tend to amplify the energetic properties. For example, if you put a clear quartz with a rose quartz, the rose quartz will simply be amplified in its tendency to promote feelings of calmness, friendship and love.

The art of stone alchemy is something some people really get into. My best suggestion to learn more about it is to experiment with stones. There is nothing like hands on observation to provide a deep learning experience.

Unless a stone is actually radioactive, there are typically no adverse effects from two or more stones being kept together.

This is a natural form of energy exchange and happens with all things. A general rule to follow is if you get a good feeling about certain stones being kept together, keep them together for as long as they continue to feel good. If you don't like the way it feels, keep them apart.

The answer to the last question, "What precautions somebody should take if he or she is going to use gemstones?" is that, in general, you should not put them in your mouth or make gem elixirs from them if you are going to take the elixirs internally. There are a few stones, such as azurite, that have some toxicity. It's nothing major, simple handling will not typically make you ill. But you still don't want to push it.

I hope this information is helpful. Namaste'

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