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Power of Thought Conference Dates

by Margo

I see the Power of Thought Conference is dated for 2008. Do you have more current information? Any other dates to look forward to for workshops, etc.? I was excited to find your site. I will be utilizing several aspects from it! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! -Margo

Hi Margo, We're glad you like our website. We've put a lot of love into creating it and it's always wonderful to get positive feedback. Let us know if there's a certain subject you'd like to see more pages on. We're always busy adding to it, and always looking for feedback. About your question...

The Power of Thought School is hosted by The Ozark Research Institute. It is a wonderful healing organization that has been conducting workshops and schools since the early nineties. We've gone to many of their conferences over the past six years, both as workshop attendees, and Patrick as a speaker several times. Every time it's a beautiful event.

Gladys and Harold McCoy are the founders, and they are both incredibly gifted healers and wonderful people to boot! They have events weekly and monthly as well as a Dowsing and Healing Energies Convention. Here's some information about their next conference.:

The next event hosted by the Ozark Research Institute will be their spring Dowsing and Healing Energies Convention on April 16-20, 2010.

The dates for the fall 2010 Power of Thought Conference haven't been posted yet. It will be held in Northwest Arkansas in the beautiful Ozark mountains.

You can visit their website at for more information. Or give them a holler at(479) 582-9197. They do free group distant healing work every Tuesday, so if you know someone who needs a boost it's always great to give them a call and have them put on the healing list. If you do end up signing up for the event, tell them you heard about it from us!

Dream Well and Blessed Be,
Tanja and Patrick

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