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Post Traumatic Stress

by Amber

I am a natural-born Reiki practitioner, I don't always know EXACTLY what I'm doing, I'm just following my instinct. I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can find information on treating a patient with PTSD.
Thanks for your time.

Answer: It's great that energy healing comes to you naturally. You're tapped into a wonderful thing. Thanks for being a healer.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is primarily an imbalance in the flow of energy throughout the body. This imbalance can manifest in a manner of ways because of the depth of the imbalance. To find where to focus healing energies, I use Scanning.

To scan, move your hands over the person to be healed and bring all your attention to the energy centers in your palms. As you move your hands, allow yourself to become aware of subtle sensations. These sensations can include tingling, warmth, cold, or a sensation of thickness. When you feel these or any other changes, channel energy there for as long as your intuition guides you to do so.

Continue moving your hands over your subject and channeling energy until you get a sensation of being complete. Sometimes the energy blockages will move as you do healing. When this happens, it's because one energy blockage has been cleared and the next will come into your field of attention. Eventually, you will work through all the blocks that are ready to be removed.

As you continue to work with this person, you will notice improvement and positive changes will be more able to manifest in their lives.

Thank you for your question. I'll use this as an opportunity to focus energy towards all the people who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I wish you the best in your Soul Journey along the Healer's Path.


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