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A Pisces Woman in Love can be moody and fanciful in her expectations. Do you know how to keep this intuitive water sign flowing in your direction? Read on to discover how to catch a Pisces woman for good....

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pisces woman in love

The Pisces woman is the most intuitive and mysterious woman of the zodiac, submerged in an inner world of impressions and vivid imaginings. Because of her empathic and selfless nature, she has the heart of a visionary. Nevertheless, she can be moody, dreamy, changeable and easily caught up in fantasies and expectations which ate often mere illusions. In fact, she has great difficulty telling fact apart from fiction sometimes, and tends to get too carried away by her own fantasies. Equipped with so much imagination and creativity, her feelings can both be a blessing or a curse, depending on how she chooses to execute them. She can easily lose track of her head and throw logic out of the window.


The Pisces woman is adept at sensing a fatal attraction from across the room. She may be sometimes attracted to the dazzling type with a mysterious aura but more often than not, she is attracted to the wounded bird types who need mothering and nurturing in their lives. By indulging in romantic ideals and fantasies about love, she can cling onto false hopes instead of dealing with reality squarely in the face. As a result, she is prone to developing a 'victim consciousness' in matters pertaining to love and relationships, staying in an unfavorable situation way past its expiration date. She may suffer at the hands of an emotionally controlling or abusive partner if she loses herself completely in the relationship. The challenge for her is to use her instinctive powers to step out of a situation before it deteriorates even further.

Because she is so emotionally subjective, a Pisces woman in love can have difficulty seeing people as who they really are. As she learns to release the illusion of her needs for a fairy-tale romance, she will be able to attract a higher love based on real spiritual bonding in realistic settings.

To catch your Pisces woman, show her your true self, faults and all. She'll fall in love with your strengths and your weaknesses alike. To keep her in your life, you need to be really clear with your feelings, up front to the point of being obvious. Otherwise she may create illusions of you which will be hard to keep up for the long term. Lay it out straight for this sign and you'll be rewarded with a loving, empathic partner for life.


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