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A Pisces Man in Love is sensual, compassionate and capable of an intense depth to his feelings. Do you know how to intruige this water sign enough to catch his heart? Read on to discover how to catch and keep a Pisces man....

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pisces man in love

The Pisces man is one a walking paradox: he is one of the most intriguing and sensual men of the zodiac but at other times, he can appear to be strangely aloof, detached and elusive. Being the final sign of the zodiac implies that this man is an Old Soul who has soaked up the lessons of the previous eleven signs and can see through the foolhardy superficial appearances of people easily. He instinctively understands emotions and his many feelings are constantly fluctuating, according to the vibrations he absorbs in his surroundings. Because he can so easily adapt to his circumstances, he experiences more mood swings than the average man does and is prone to various forms of escapism like romantic fantasies.


Despite his propensity to intuitively understand human nature like nobody can, the Pisces man ironically tends to lack a solid core from which he can draw his own reserves of strength and confidence. When out of sync with his own innermost needs and feelings, he can indulge in meaningless affairs without a guilty conscience. This happens when he is not in touch with his inner being and besieged with the darker aspects of his psyche.

More sensitive and sensual than sexual, the Pisces man detests boredom and can easily create real-life images of his secret fantasies and mistake them for reality. As much as his actions can sometimes appear contradictory, he lives in his own world, away from the prying eyes of others' judgments or opinions. Like the symbol of the fish swimming in opposite directions, it can be a tremendous challenge for this man to find a middle ground for his conflicting needs and desires. His challenge is therefore to tap into his reservoir of innate compassion and empathy, and bring his fantasy world of what romantic love should be like into alignment with reality.

To catch the eye of your Pisces man, show him the many levels of your being. He'll be intruiged by a mult-faceted woman who thrills for new experiences. Remember, boredom is an issue for this water sign, so keep things lively and new. You want him to feel he hasn't discovered all of your many secrets. He'll keep coming back to discover more about you. Once you've caught a Pisces, you're in for a deep romance filled with a subtle intensity of emotions. Your Pisces will amaze you with his ability to openly and honestly share his feelings with you. Keep things interesting and you'll have him for life. More than any other sign a little fantasy, both in the bedroom and out of it, will keep your Pisces man happy for many years to come.


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