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A Pisces and Pisces love match can be one of the most fulfilling relationships for this astrological sign. Find out why this water sign/water sign are destined for success.

Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

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When the two most spiritually-inclined signs of the zodiac come together, astrology compatibility for Pisces and Pisces would indicate that their love for each other has no boundaries. They share the same vision of life and reinforce each other's positive and negative traits at the same time.

When these two lovers meet, they often feel that they have finally found their other half, their soul mate. They have a tendency to understand one another without the need for words to express their feelings.

Since both have a tendency to jump into love with their feet first, they are likely to quickly declare to the world that they have finally met their prince/princess.

Expect a whirlwind fairytale romance between these two as they are the most romantic and dreamy of all the astrological signs.


Astrology compatibility for Pisces and Pisces indicate that emotions are the binding factor of this union. Both share a yearning to transcend the physical realm and create a spiritually unifying relationship. They are like human psychic sponges, soaking up the vibrations of all around them and feeling great empathy and compassion for the needs of each other.

When they are aligned with their true life missions, they can support and encourage each other's virtues and lead a serene and peaceful existence.


It's not always a perfect Disney story for these two lovers though. Their strength is that they share so many similarities, but it can also become their greatest weakness as a couple.

Pisces is a mutable sign that often experiences difficulties differentiating between dreams/illusions and reality. This tendency to live in a fantasy world means both can be strangely detached and elusive in their emotions at times.

This deceptive quality to Pisces and Pisces compatibility will manifest itself in periods of escapism where they may both succumb to visions of what their "perfect life" is supposed to be, instead of taking action steps to create it together.

If these two Piscean lovers fall into the line of thinking that "life should be better", they can drag each other down into a state where they both find it hard to create "the perfect relationship".

This issue can be worked through though. Both lovers should take care to check in with reality every now and then, instead of getting too caught up in spiritual and emotional pursuits. This reality check will make it so they have a more grounded relationship that functions well.

All in all, despite this one issue, two Pisceans make an excellent astrology compatibility love match together. Once they've navigated the first tricky years (which can contain some disillusionment) a double Pisces love match is likely to develop a strong, nurturing partnership that fulfills both lovers spiritually, emotionally and physically.


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