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Opening the Heart Chakra is an energy healing/chakra healing technique designed to help you give and receive unconditional love.

The heart chakra, located in the middle of the chest, is the energetic center for all feelings of love. When the heart chakra is open, it allows you to fully enjoy the healing benefits of unconditional love. Love should always follow a pattern of giving and receiving. Like all true healing, love is a circle.


* A quiet space
* A rose quartz crystal


1) Hold a piece of Rose Quartz in your right hand. Rose Quartz holds the energy of unconditional love. By holding it while doing the technique, it will become empowered with the vibration of self love and will then be usable as a tool to balance the heart chakra.

2) Sit comfortably in a chair in a place you will not be disturbed.

3) Gently close your eyes and smile.

4) Place your right hand, palm open, in the middle of your chest, holding the rose quartz lightly in place.

5) Place your left hand, palm open, over your right hand.

6) Breathe deeply in through your nose, hold it for a moment, and then say, "I accept Love and Deserve Love".

7) Repeat this two more times. When saying the affirmation, say it with conviction. This will send a message to your subconscious that you are sincere and will stimulate a faster and stronger response.

8) Take another deep in-breath and tone the mantra, "Hu" (rhymes with 'you'). Extend the mantra for as long as you can. Feel the vibrations and growing warmth in your heart chakra.

9) Tone the Hu mantra a total of 7 times. If you feel intuitively guided to say it more or less, follow your intuition.

10) Say the phrase, "I accept Love, I deserve Love, I am Love, I am" with power and conviction.

11) Hold the rose quartz cupped in both palms close to your lips.

12) Take a deep in breath and blow into the rose quartz.

13) Cross your hands over your heart chakra again, bow your head, and say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you".

14) You are now finished with the Opening the Heart Chakra technique.

The rose quartz you used during the technique is now charged with the energy of self love. Carry it with you in your pocket and sleep with it under your pillow to enhance the effectiveness of the technique. If the rose quartz was an item of jewelry, wear it for at least 7 days.

You can use the Opening the Heart Chakra technique as often as you feel guided to do so. While going through challenges, or if you are trying to balance your chakras perform the technique daily to maintain balance.


  • * Increased self respect
  • * Positive outlook on life
  • * Allowing love into your life
  • * Heightened feelings of compassion
  • * Emotional healing from past wounds
  • * Healing from anxiety and depression
  • * More appreciation for your loved ones
  • * Strengthing relationships with friends and loved ones

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