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Opening the hand chakras is an important beginning step to practicing energy healing.

Some energy healing techniques are made with the intention of increasing the amount of energy you are able to generate and manipulate. Others are for controlling universal healing energy to accomplish a specific purpose. The energy healing technique you will learn today is how to open the hand chakras, so that you can transmit more energy through them. Feel free to use the technique either exactly as it is described here or modify it to suit your own style. As long as you do an energy healing technique for the highest and greatest good of all, you can't go wrong.


This is a very simple technique that will allow you to open or activate the chakra energy centers located in the center of the palms. It is useful for doing energy healing work of all types, whether it is Reiki healing, massage, or any other energy healing method. Putting positive energy into anything improves your results.

1) Begin by holding your hands, left over right, palms open, at solar plexus height. Hold them so that the fingers of your left hand point to your right, and the fingers of your right hand point to your left. It will look a little bit like you are holding a small ball between your hands.

2) Focus your intention on opening the hand chakras.

3) Start opening and closing both hands, as quickly as is comfortable, anywhere from 12-24 times. This is like making a loose fist, one hand over the other, very quickly, over and over.

4) Reverse the hand positions so that your right hand is now over the left. The fingers of both hand will still be facing the same direction, left fingers pointing right, right fingers pointing left.

5) Repeat step 3, opening and closing both hands quickly 12-24 times.

6) Hold hands at chest height, prayer position, and rub your palms together as though trying to warm them. Do this for about 6 seconds.

7) Say or think, "Open" and clap your hands together 3 times.

8) Hold your hands at chest height and allow yourself to feel the energy between the palms of your hands. Focus on the sensations in your hands. There may be a tingling, warming sensation. This is a combination of the circulation being stimulated and energy being channeled.

The more a person practices this technique, the easier it will become to activate and open the hand chakras and the easier it will be to feel the energy. I use it every time I am going to:

  • Do energy healing work
  • Pass a Reiki attunement
  • Draw energy healing symbols
  • Sense or scan for energy (such as when working with crystals)
  • Play crystal singing bowls, guitar, or didjeridoo

You can use it to do all of the things mentioned above as well as to practice your skills as you learn energy healing.


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