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Energy Healing News: Fall River, Massachusetts is open to the idea of energy healing. That fact was recently illustrated by an article printed in "The Herald News", a print publication newspaper for the Fall River community. Deborah Allard, a Herald News Staff Reporter wrote an article that ran October 10th of 2008 titled, "Natural Solutions to Health Ailments".

The article starts out with this concept: Maybe you've been experiencing a pain or a mild discomfort, tiredness, or just a feeling that something's wrong, but medical tests show regular readings. Nothing out of the ordinary. The doctor gives you a clean bill of health.

The trouble? You don't feel healthy. You want more than good test levels, you want to feel the spark of natural energy that keeps a spring in your step as you go about your day. You want to really be healthy.

energy healer working natural solutions to health ailments

Deborah continues, "People are stepping out of their medical doctor's offices and into alternative healing where practitioners are working to prevent illness from occurring.Their methods may seem strange to some, but alternative healers are seeing a growing number of patients looking to get well before they get really sick."

Photo Caption: Laura Bomback
Checking for Energy Blockages
on a client

How many of us are looking beyond the traditional white halls of the American Medical Association? 33% of us! That's right, 1/3 of American adults have pursued some form of alternative treatment according to a report produced by The Institute of Medicine.

What that means: Now that acupuncture, qi-gong, and nutritionists are becoming commonplace, accepted by the masses of the nation, energy healing, reiki, crystal therapy and more are stepping closer to the mainstream also.

Deborah continues in her article by highlighting a general surgeon and a local chiropractor who have started offering holistic healing practices in Fall River. One of them, Laura Bomback, chiropractor, stated in the article, "Standard health care is simply not working for many patients."

Laura goes past mainstream alternative healthcare practices, by broaching the concept of energy blockages. She states that she began to suspect energy blockages in chiropractic patients who weren't holding their adjustments after treatments.

The concept of energy blockages can be found in many energy healing modalities, as well as alternative healthcare practices. To find it mentioned in an article in a small town in Massachusetts is a strong sign that the concept is moving closer and closer to the mainstream..., Your Source for Up-To-Date Energy Healing News


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