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Fiber is an easy and effective natural remedy for constipation. Between quality fiber and triphala, you can restore balance to your body safely and effectively.


natural remedy for constipation

High quality fiber supplements are an excellent natural remedy for constipation. Fiber supplements are a good place to start relieving constipation naturally. Most of these are going to use Psyllium seed husk, flax seed, pectin, or bran fiber.

One of the best is milled flax seed. Milled flax seed, such as Forti-flax by Barleans, is a very effective way of increasing dietary fiber.

Just add milled flax seed to whole grain cereals, organic yogurt or kefir, salads, or smoothies. It doesn't dissolve at all but tastes good and gets the job done cheaply and effectively.

Other fiber based home remedies for constipation are Fiber Smart from Renew Life, Everyday Fiber System from Rainbow Light, and Super Seed from Garden of Life. I have used and would recommend all of these.


natural remedy for constipation

My all time favorite home remedy for constipation is an eastern Indian herbal formula called Triphala. Triphala is a combination of herbal foods; chebulic myrobalan, amla, and belleric myrobalan.

It strengthens and tonifies the colon, detoxifies the liver, and improves digestion. This list is only the beginning. Triphala is good for nearly every imbalance including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, viruses, and inflammation. Take my word for it, triphala is a fantastic option.

The powder form of triphala is most effective but tastes really bitter. If that's your thing, go for it. I have seen great results with the encapsulated form or tablet form. I would recommend Triphala from Planetary Formulas. Great company and great product.


Adding supplements to your diet is a good start. To follow a holistic approach to balancing this condition, you will want to make some simple changes to your diet and lifestyle as well. Read more in the next article in this series, 5 Natural Home Remedies for Constipation.

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