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Natural Remedies for Gout

Hello. My boyfriend suffers from severe gout at the age of 26, he also has liver and kidney problems from contracting hepatitis C at a young age. All these things incorporated make finding a remedy complicated. If I can find a natural solution to this it would make such a change in our lives, if you know of anything please help us. Thank you:)

My sympathy goes out to your boyfriend. I've worked with many clients suffering from Gout and have heard it's brutal.

The main consideration when dealing with gout is to lower the acidity of the blood and bodily tissues. Uric acid crystals are forming little needles in his bloodstream. These tiny needles stick into the cartilage in peripheral extremities and cause major inflammation.

Dietary changes are critical. Eat foods that raise pH to keep your body alkaline. These foods include leafy greens, fresh fruits, and pure water.

Foods that contribute to gout include red meat, organ meat, dairy products, alcohol, coffee, and refined sugar. Lowering consumption of these acid forming foods is absolutely necessary for long-term resolution.

Another factor in acid formation is prolonged stress. An excellent strategy for reducing stress is deep breathing. Each morning when you wake, before you go to bed, and when feeling stressed, take 10 long, slow, deep breaths. This alkalizes the body and reduces stress and anxiety immediately.

One natural remedy that is particularly effective at reducing acidosis (raising pH) is to drink fresh lemon juice with water every morning. Lemon juice is acidic after being juiced but has an alkalizing effect after being digested. Juice a fresh, organic lemon by hand or with a juicer. Add 8-12 ounces of water and a teaspoon of raw honey, if desired. Excellent results.

I would also try adding a cupful of raw apple cider vinegar to a bath or foot soak. Apple cider vinegar, like lemon juice, is acidic but has an alkalizing effect after digestion or absorption through your skin into your bloodstream. While soaking, gently massage the sore bits to help break up the uric acid crystals.

The dietary changes will also greatly benefit his kidney and liver function. If you want to be aggressive about healing his liver, I would highly suggest getting a high quality milk thistle supplement.

Milk thistle helps to regenerate healthy liver cells and promotes better liver function. Other natural remedies for liver function would include N-acetyl Cysteine, Dandelion Root, and Turmeric Root.

If your boyfriend likes natural supplements, a powerful natural anti-inflammatory is Zyflamend by New Chapter. It's a bit expensive (about 35 bucks a bottle) but it is incredibly effective. Might be worth it to kick start his healing.

If you want more information on this subject, check out this link.
Black Cherry Juice and Gout

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Feb 01, 2010
Try using coherent light to treat gout
by: Light

My chiropractor showed me many studies demonstrating that coherent light therapy, if used carefully considering glands are involved, can help treat gout. You should check that out too, because many people have been cured of such conditions in just weeks using it:

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