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The power of trees 
Greetings to all from Switzerland :-) I would like to share with you how trees have helped me to heal myself and rebalance my emotions. Have you …

Memoirs of a mantra maniac. 
I've always wanted to write a book, probably because my Dad encouraged me to and always believed I could. I've loved reading since I can remember and I …

I See Blue Circles in My Daughters Aura 
My daughter is only two months old but I observe in my daughter's aura three concentric circles over her head. The circles consist from approximately …

EFT The bodies use of metaphors within emotional issues 
EFT The body's use of metaphors within emotional issues This is a real case study that I feel truly shows the body’s use of metaphors as a form of …

The Gayatri Mantra has made me a Happier Person 
My father is a very spiritual person and he has immense faith in God and the powers that exist beyond the scope of science. He prefers to live in a natural …

Gayatri Mantra for Insomnia 
Reciting the Gayatri Mantra daily helped me overcome the problem of insomnia. From the beginning of my school days I struggled with insomnia. I used to …

Energy Healing Story I've Been Using Mantras for Many Years 
Mantras: I am a firm believer in the effectiveness of mantras . I use them for getting back lost items, success in business , for getting well if …

Energy Healing Story The Magical Saint Ma Anand Mai 
The day I got married I went to an ashram with my husband and in-laws to visit Ma Anand Mai.I had not heard of her,nor was my mind on the saints that …

Energy Healing Story Healer Fixed my Back Pain 
My friend arrived with her family from Germany in 1948 and we have been in touch with each other for the past 60 years, even though she lives about …

Energy Healing Story Crystals from a Healers Perspective 
Healing with Crystals: Imagine buying the prettiest stone bead necklace you can find and only wearing it for a day before it literally explodes off …

Energy Healing Story Meeting My Power Animal and Spirit Guide 
Let me begin by stating that I am very much into different forms of alternative healing. I have experienced or performed Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Magnified …

Energy Healing Story Even in Death Twins Remain Connected 
The following is a very true story: In the winter of '76 I was nearly 9 years old. My mother was pregnant. I remember hearing people talk of boy's …

Energy Healing Story Group Healing for a Broken Leg 
Here's my positive energy healing experience to share with everyone. I've attended alot of group energy healing circles before. There is one in particular …

EFT and ME 
EFT and ME In February 2006 I skidded out of control in my car and crashed violently into a set of railings. My car was written off, but I exited …

Energy Healing Story: Overcoming Insomnia and Depression I Have Had for Years Not rated yet
I am almost 30 years old now and I have been suffering from periods of insomnia and depression from my high school years. During these periods I have tried …

Remote healing Not rated yet
Hello, for those who are interested, this site offers free distance healing for up to 10 minutes. …

I have meet the new treatment about energy healing. Not rated yet
I learned energy healing reconnection.I got incredible results.I have experiences doing a new treatment energy healing on paralyzed patients so returning …

Divine Protection Not rated yet
My story is a true testament that divine protection is ever present in my life. Several years ago, I was walking in the pouring rain late at night in New …

Bonding with loved ones after they pass on. Not rated yet
My husband's mother died July 18 2008 very suddenly and she was my best friend. We went to see a medium and she came through for me as my mum. He knew …

Nose Accident and Reconnection Healing Not rated yet
My nose was hit it was a freak accident at home. My husband hit my nose with his knee when I tried to simply lie down in bed. I went to a Reconnection …

let your intuition guide you on your healing path  Not rated yet
Let Your Intuition Guide you on your Healing Path Those are the important messages from SPIRIT, the universe, spirit guides, divine guidance, GOD, …

EFT Emotional causes underlying physical pain Not rated yet
EFT: Emotional Causes Underlying Physical Pain The basis of EFT (emotional freedom technique) is that almost all physical pain and illnesses manifest …

EFT Resolves Rape in Record Time Not rated yet
EFT Resolves Rape in Record Time A very strange turn of events took place this week. Firstly I had been in contact with the Rape Crisis and Trauma …

Energy Healing Story Your own Private Health with The Healing Power of Meditation Not rated yet
In every day life I have to come realize the older I get the more important my health is to me as a human being. Stress have many bad affects on my …

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Energy Healing Story Transcendental Meditation and my Connection to Nature Not rated yet
Meditation is a great way to relax. Life is so busy anymore with many of us being on a tight schedule, we feel like we don't have time to rest. Meditation …

Energy Healing Story Crystals are Part of my Spirituality Not rated yet
Ever since I was a child, I have been drawn to crystals. Specifically I have been drawn to quartz and amethyst. I have many of these in my home now. …

Energy Healing Story My Mothers Healing with the Reconnection Technique Not rated yet
I have been a caregiver for family and friends for 40 years, and now I work for caregiver agencies. I just took care of my uncle for 6 weeks, 24 …

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