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Update: The Mystical Stories Contest for 2009 is now finished. A deep thank you to all of our wonderful participants! And the winner of the 2009 Contest is Sarah Green from Michigan. Congratulations Sarah!

Keep posted for our next contest. We run them periodically.

2009 Mystical Stories Contest

It's simple. Submit your mystical story for the contest. When the contest is completed, all entries from April 8th 2009 through December 31st 2009 will be gathered and one story will be randomly chosen as the winner. The lucky winner will receive:

A Reiki-Charged Crystal Necklace and our 1 hour long crystal singing bowl cd, Sacred Sounds. Prizes valued at $120.00

Congratulations to our previous winners! Drum roll....

Lashonda from Detroit
Sam from New York
Akshita from India
Kelly from New Jersey


Here are the guidelines:

* The story has not been submitted to other websites, forums, etc. on the internet: It's o.k. if you have shared the story elsewhere, so long as the written version you submit to EHI is unique.

* The story is yours: Please don't copy someone else's experiences from the internet and submit it as your own.

* The story is a mystical experience: The arena's wide open! Have you seen a vision in meditation? Had a transcendental experience? Experienced an amazing healing session? Visited a sacred place? Attended a life-changing new age workshop? Been attuned to Reiki? Any experience, so long as it is based on an energy healing experience, or is a new age, metaphysical, or mystical subject.

So get started and submit your mystical stories today! One more thing. There's no limit to how many stories you can submit to the contest. So if you have had a lot of interesting experiences that you think the energy healing community would be interested in, share them all and increase your chances of winning!

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