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My potential marriage and prayer

by Veena J.

Hi, I wanted to ask one question related to my life. I had an affair with a guy. He was very sincere to me at the beginning.

Now he says he is not interested in me and wants to marry another girl. we both are from same caste and even both of our parents agree for this marriage.

He doesn't want to marry me but he want me to be his best friend forever and he likes me a lot. I want him only to marry me and not to be just a friend. I am praying to god every day to change him and repent whatever he has done. I know that prayer power works. how do I affirm?

Hello Veena,

There are some cultural differences in my answer because I am in the United States and only have a vague understanding of the caste system and marriage traditions of India. However, let me answer to the best of my ability on a level that is applicable for every soul on their journey.

I understand that right now you love him, and you want him in your life. I also understand that you want to use the power of prayer to get him to love you back.

I must warn you this action ventures into a gray zone that often doesn't work out well.

Yes, you can use "energy" in many forms to affect the outcome of reality. By energy this includes what some call prayer, what some call magic, and what some call the law of attraction.

The problem is, it goes against a fundamental law of nature which is the nature of every being human, animal, or mineral to have free will.

By using prayer to affect his decision to marry you, it is tampering with his free will. The bigger issue is what would happen if you succeeded with this.

The marriage may happen, but he would potentially always yearn to be free of you, and potentially even be unfaithful because his heart wasn't in control of the decision.

I know it can be difficult when you are in love with someone who doesn't return the feelings. I have experienced this before and I'm sure everyone has experienced it.

But look at the long term. Would you want to marry a man who's heart wasn't in it? You would never feel the true connection you are looking for.

My advice is to withdraw from him for a while. Don't "be friends". Tell him you need space to think about things and that maybe you can "be friends" in the future.

With the extra time you've been devoting to him, refocus the energy on yourself. Pray for happiness in your life. Pray to find your soulmate or your perfect husband. Look at what activities you've always wanted to pursue that you haven't had the chance or the courage to try yet, and then do them with gusto!

You will come back from this stronger, more fearless, more powerful.... a beautiful young woman full of confidence and happiness.

By following this path, you may just find that your chosen man realizes he does want you instead of her. He could be attracted to that newfound independence! (Men often want what's harder to get.)

Or you may realize you deserve to be with someone who will return your feelings just as depth-fully as you share yours. You may find that with a few shed tears and a little time, your "real" soulmate is out there waiting for you.

My big heartbreak was a young man that I felt "such" a strong connection to. I knew we were supposed to be together forever, but he just didn't treat me right and he certainly didn't love me. I moved on from that heartbreak and found my soulmate. His name is Patrick, we've been together for 14 years now, and he is my partner in this website, life, and love.

If I had pursued that first "true love" which wasn't really true love, I never would have found the person who is spiritually on the same page as me, nurturing, kind, considerate and passionate.

The same will be true for you. Focus on your heart chakra. Learn to love yourself, nurture yourself, and respect yourself and you'll be amazed at the man who stumbles into your life.

Namaste and best wishes,

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