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my friend in need of help: depression and energy healing

Rashmi, my friend and fellow band member is suffering from a mental breakdown. She has had a tough life, and has a lot of built up anger which clouds her judgment.

For the past 6 month she has been so depressed that she now hardly leaves her room and she has stopped playing drums, which has been her greatest passion.

I managed to get her out for one show, but she promptly got back to her depressed state after that. She thinks everyone is trying to take advantage of her, or trying to keep her down, she even thinks that of me.

Although we've been good friends for a quite a while, I know that if she could start playing music again she would heal, but she can't find the strength to get back to life.

I have been through depression similar to that years ago, but was lucky to be healed by someone talented. I wish the same thing for her. I can do "scanning" but my healing abilities are not that great.

One thing I have noticed while scanning her,is like a ball of red light, floating around her. I have never seen that before. I don't know who to turn to for help, could you maybe be of some help to give her the strength or clarity of mind to start living again? any help will be much appreciated.


We will send healing energy to Ramshi tonight. If she is in an open state, let her know to meditate before bed tonight, and also to ask her angels and spirit guides to assist with the healing.

Using energy healing for depression can be extremely effective, if the person is ready for change in their life and not "holding on" to that state of being.

I would also recommend getting her a piece of lepidolite crystal for depression and rose quartz for anxiety.

Additionally, the most important thing your friend can do is introspection on why she is feeling distrust towards everyone around her. It may be that she feels hurt by something has happened with her friends or it could be that some of her friends are no longer serving her "highest and greatest good".

She should visualize what she would like her life to be like while holding the lepidolite and rose quartz, what scenario would make her happy.

The lepidolite will calm and soothe her and the rose quartz will nurture her heart chakra and help her to love and respect herself again.

It is important to note that severe depression can be a health condition that should be monitored by a health professional. If you feel that your friend is depressed to the point of being suicidal, encourage her to see a mental health professional.

You can always combine holistic healing and spiritual healing methods with those of a trained mental health professional.

Many wishes of luck to you and Ramsha, please let us know how she responds to the healing energies.


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