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My amethyst crystal turns to blue.

by Tricia

Question: I am a massage therapist and energy worker. Every time I work on a particular client my purple amethyst crystal turns to aqua blue for several hours or days. Can you tell me what is happening to my crystal.

Answer: Hi Tricia. In the years I've worked with crystals I've seen many of them change colors at different times.

Often a stone will absorb energy from a person being healed and it may be beneficial to do a cleansing on it.

Sometimes the energy a crystal absorbs will be positive, but it's still nice to clean them between uses. ;)

As far as the specific color change from purple amethyst to aqua blue, perhaps your client is working on clearing their throat chakra (either consciously or subconsciously). Amethyst is typically regarded as a crown chakra stone, and stones in an aqua or turquoise color are often considered to be throat chakra stones.

You could ask your client if they feel they have a hard time speaking up or having their opinions heard. Alternatively, they might speak up too frequently and bulldoze over other people in their life.

I adore amethyst because of it's flexibility as a healing stone. As long as your client is feeling good about the healing work you're doing, I would consider the amethyst to be removing stuck energy in regards to communication.

Namaste and I enjoy your purple/blue amethyst! Crystals truly are amazing. ;)

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